Our Advocacies

Who we are

An advocacy-based company dedicated to marketing excellence through Mansmith projects that focus on the four l's (Information, Ideas, Inspiration, Infrastructure) which help marketing and sales team soar!


Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

The foremost differentiation of Mansmith lies in its specialization in marketing and sales, strategy and innovation training. Such a concentration is coupled with the contribution of dream-team consultants whose extensive top-level professional experience in the fields of marketing management, sales and entrepreneurship extend not only credibility but also insightful expertise. 

White Space Club

Mansmith (together with Josiah and Carolina Go Foundation Inc) donated the seed fund for the creation of White Space Club, a networking club known for idea sharing among members coming from diverse backgrounds and industries.

The Marketing Mentor's Blog

To further provide more knowledge outside our regular programs, Mansmith Chair Josiah Go's blog,, offers a special learning resource where interviews of industry movers and shakers give readers a front row view of how marketing legends are made.


Mansmith Market Masters Conference

The Market Masters Conference is the only conference in the Philippines where 100% of net proceeds goes to charity. This conference provides top quality learning by bringing together the best minds from various industries who discuss the latest business trends and opportunities. Together with the featured speakers, this conference hopes to raise funds for various advocacies in education and people empowerment.

Marketing Rescue

Marketing Rescue is a free quarterly seminar-consultation program where interested parties send their most pressing conce rns and questions to Mansmith consultants and these are answered in a half-day session with the Mansmith expert on the topic. Topics previously presented were in service, brand, business development, digital marketing, market driving strategies, among others. This program has been conducted in partnership with BusinessWorld as well as other organizations like the Gosingtian Forum, Anvil and Manila Chinese Business Club.


Mansmith Young Market Masters Award

Another advocacy aimed at providing INSPIRATION by recognizing excellent Filipino marketers and entrepreneurs is the YOUNG MARKET MASTERS AWARDS. This project, organized by Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., seeks to honor young achievers, 35 years and below, who excel in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship, and whose achievements encourage and inspire young people to be innovative entrepreneurs and outstanding brand builders. Please visit for more details.

YMMA Awardees

The winners of the Young Market Masters Awards get to speak of their achievements and experiences in a conference in August called the Young Market Masters Summit.


Mansmith Market Market Masters Awards (MMMA): is the first and only recognition for senior marketers based not just on corporate performance but on mentoring of Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (Mansmith YMMA) winners. Visit to know more about this advocacy.



To assist the academe in providing students with ample and relevant marketing know-how, Mansmith, the official Trainer of Marketing Professors, has trained more than 200 marketing professors from various Philippine universities and colleges in a specialized"Marketing Strategy and Plans" training workshop covered by a P5 million training grant that has been ongoing for 15 years (1997 to present). This project is undertaken to upgrade quality of marketing education by enhancing the interaction between the academe and industry practitioners.This is the 1st ever small venture capital fund for young entrepreneurs dedicated to Market-Driving Strategy ideas. The funding INFRASTRUCTURE provides P1 - P2 million initial capital, plus another P1 million worth of free consulting time to help convert the dreams of young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas into reality.

Mansmith Blue Freedom Fund

Mansmith Blue Freedom Fund: Mansmith Blue Freedom Fund is a small business angel investor fund for entrepreneurs. The fund is created to support aspiring talents with brilliant ideas but lack financial freedom to make their ideas a reality.


The Foundation for Asian Consumer Insighting and Market Understanding, Inc. (FACIMU), is one of Mansmith's advocacies that promotes research-based marketing practicesin the Philippines. This foundation aims to discover the ever-changing business trends and bring out different knowledge and concepts in the world of business, marketing and strategy

MarkProf Foundation

MarkProf Foundation, Aimed to develop future leaders and uplift the marketing education in the country, MarkProf Foundation was established last 2004 to provide talented graduating students, a resume-equalizing training, especially for those students not coming from exclusive schools. The selected 25 senior college students go through a FREE 7-week challenging and intensive bootcamp to learn from the best practitioners and carefully-selected mentors across industries in the fields of marketing and sales management. These students are taught to think on their feet and to think critically to fulfill requirements in big idea formulation and analytical questioning for each of the seven day sessions. The culmination of this bootcamp is a marketing plan of an actual company where they are mentored by marketing professionals as a solid preparation for the real world of business and marketing once they graduate.

Day 8 Business Academy, Inc.

Day 8 Business Academy, Inc. : The 1st and only training and development company focused on small and medium enterprises (SMEs), that allows participants to "pay what they want" – a boundary-breaking pricing scheme.