Consumer and Shopper Insighting

Connect the Dots: Consumer and Shopper Insighting

Key Benefits for Participants
Each participant will learn:

  • How to gain insight into unmet consumer needs, identify potential new segments and their unmet needs, and ways of meeting these needs
  • How to better insight for innovation, positioning and marketing using in house and external data
  • How to find insight in the field, collecting, organizing, and interpreting observations of consumers in the shopping environment

Key Benefits for Company
The company will gain:

  • Sharper insighting skills among its marketing staff
  • More quickly and profitably identify innovation opportunities, ranging from everyday incremental improvements to much more significant business-changing ideas, as well as identify ways of exploiting those opportunities
  • Stronger capabilities that can place put them in a stronger position to stay ahead of others in the increasingly heated jungle of competition.

Program Concept
Training will develop a grasp of what a competitive marketing insight is and how to get it. Through briefings, examples and detailed discussions of over thirty examples from across different product and service categories, participants will learn how to probe deeper and correlate observations to satisfaction of needs, both the consumers’ and the brand’s, identify needs and connect the dots. Discuss the use of a range of market monitoring indicators, including in-house data, industry environmental data, consumer research, and field observations. Training will include group work and fieldwork to embed learnings from the seminar and help ensure that they can be carried over into the real world. Fieldwork in retail outlets to learn how to observe shoppers and interpret their behavior.

Program Overview
Module 1- Understand what are marketing insights and unmet needs

  • What is a consumer insight
  • How to state insights usefully
  • The needs that drive brand choice
  • How emotion often trumps logic, turning products into brands
  • How changes in the market or factors such as technology can change needs
  • How marketing insights identify unmet needs or ways of meeting those needs,  ultimately leading to meeting the brand’s needs
  • Workshop group work: what are the needs met by a participant’s own brand, as specifically as possible, and what are the need-segments of consumers of that category, as we now understand them

Module 2- Strengthen your ability to find insights in your own internal and industry data

  • How to organize data from internal operations and industry so that it can better yield insight
  • How to bring together different indicators to highlight gaps and discrepancies which need to be understood, and opportunities
  • Workshop: What can the data tell you

Module 3 – Build up your ability to find insights in formal research data

  • Analyze usage, attitude and attribute importance data
  • Correlate with the brand’s internal data and field observations
  • Identify segments
  • Learn how to further improve the usefulness of research
  • Workshop: what can the data tell you

Module 4- Learn how to learn the most from the shopping experience, gain insight into the shopper’s needs

  • Move into the shopper environment to get a better understanding of the pathto purchase
  • Learn methods for identifying, interpreting and understanding shopper behavior, barriers and dissatisfactions.
  • Fieldwork: In retail branches to observe consumer behavior, followed by synthesis of observations, interpretation and reporting of the experience and any insights developed.

Examples from the Following Categories Will be Referred To:

  • Airlines
  • Baggage 
  • Banks
  • Breakfast foods
  • Cars
  • Chocolate drink
  • Condoms
  • Detergents
  • Drug
  • Fast food
  • Feminine wash
  • Ice cream
  • Instant Porridge
  • Malls
  • Milk
  • Pens
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving products
  • Supermarkets
  • Telecom
  • Toilet soap
  • Toothbrushes
  • Tuna

About the Speaker:
Chief Brand Adviser
Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. 

Former managing director of The Nielsen Company (Philippines) Inc., former managing director of IDS Philippines, former commercial director of Kellogg Philippines, former general manager of Fonterra and Gillette.

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