Market-Driving Strategies

“I found the New Demand Wheel of Josiah Go’s Market-Driving Strategies a very useful tool. It provides avenues for us to see a multitude of possibilities not considered before and bring the business to an entirely new level” – Jennie Feliciano, National Category Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Bottlers


From Product Management to Market Management (This course qualifies you to be a Mansmith Executive Scholar in Strategy & Innovation). Most companies expect their product managers to grow sales, market shares and profit the market-driven way.  Naturally, traditional short-term brand switching tactics will be resorted to.    Learn to go beyond being a promo tactician, master Market-Driving Strategies, which according to Dr. Philip Kotler, is the 4th major type of market orientation after sales-driven, market-driven and customer-driven.

Stand out in the marketplace by competing on brand relevance instead of costly brand preference.  Think improving market penetration, not just market shares without market growth.  Attend this paradigm-busting course to grow your market beyond your present source of revenue and profit.  Apply MDS concepts, principles, methodologies, tools, framework with a generous amount of local and international cases to attract new demand from 9 unserved and underserved markets in your industry.

Be inspired with a generous number of local and international case studies to be discussed:

  • How to compete with low price competitors
  • How to lower your price but still make a lot of money
  • How to create new demand instead of cannibalizing your existing volume
  • How to leapfrog from being number 3 to number 1
  • How to make competition have a hard time to match your offer
  • How to revive a declining industry
  • How to “delegate” tasks and make your customers happy
  • How to spot vulnerabilities in your value chain
  • How to expand markets that are considered saturated
  • How to spot areas for growth potential
  • How to prioritize which non-user segments to exploit
  • How to use segmentation to enlarge your market
  • How to convert deep seated customer’s frustration into an opportunity
  • How to handle customer bonding opportunities with few questions that really matter
  • How to convert traditional strategic planning process into category growth planning process
  • How to improve ideation in your company

 “The seminar is very mind-engaging and will help you detach yourself from your usual, you-thought-right strategy, and think out-of-the-box.”  — Jem Ramos, Category Manager, Tupperware Brands

Key Benefits to Participants

Each participant will learn:

  • Discover the latest strategy, concepts, tools and frameworks known as Market-Driving

Strategies (MDS) that can help your brand or business experience real and sustainable growth

  • Change your thought process by bringing strategic thinking elements into your work
  • Explore potential new market opportunities by looking beyond traditional boundaries of growth

  Key Benefits to Company

The company will gain:

  • Identify market-driving opportunities complementing traditional market-driven strategy
  • Systematize market diagnosis and analytical ability of your executives
  • Gain hands-on experience on how to improve your profitability beyond being prisoner of cut-throat competition

 “100% New and Fresh concepts. It’s like finally discovering the ‘missing link’ to go full blast in capturing your potential market.”  — Paula Sanson, Marketing Officer, BPI

Program Concept:
MARKET-DRIVING STRATEGY (MDS) combines 3 important ingredients needed toward a sustainable future: Marketing + Innovation + Strategy Planning. MDS brings strategic thinking back to marketing. Participants shall work in small groups and apply the 7-step MDS process.

Program Overview:
Module 1:  
Market-Driving vs. Market-Driven Strategies: 5 basic differences

  • Where are you in the 4 major types of market-orientation (sales-driven, market-driven, customer-driven, market-driving)? (Case example from consumer electronic industry)
  • What are 6 key ideas of market-driving strategy and why the existing market-driven strategy is inadequate? (Case examples from personal care and automotive industry)
  • What are the 3 levels and pillars of market-driving strategies? (Case examples from furniture, car rental, planner, retail, computer, ice cream, petroleum and telecom industry)

Module 2:  Market-Driving Strategies: 7 Principles, Analytical Tools and Frameworks

  • Are you still using the old marketing plan format that is inadequate and outdated?
  • What are 7 principles of Market-Driving Strategies and its corresponding analytical tools?
  • How can you conduct a quick marketing performance audit in your industry to see patterns of predictable but unsustainable market-driven behavior? (Case examples from beverage industry)

Module 3:  New Demand Wheel: Decoding 9 Underserved/Unserved markets of every industry

  • Where can you find the 9 unserved and underserved markets in every industry? (Case examples from pharmaceutical, fast food, gaming and fitness center industry)
  • How to choose your underserved and unserved market and maximize its potential?
  • Why underserved and unserved markets are more attractive than served market?
  • Group exercise

Module 4: Determining Barriers to Growth: 5 Deadly Growth Killers  

  • Why most companies do not have a real strategy?
  • What are customer’s moment-of-truth that brand managers must be on guard?
  • How to conduct and analyze a down-to-earth gap analysis (called BIDA Check-up) thru a 4-part question? (Case examples from restaurant, appliance, console games, transportation  industry)
  • How to understand the Job-to-be-Done (JTBD) of every product? (Case examples from fast food and network marketing industry)
  • Group exercise

Module 5:  Insighting Iceberg: Uncovering New Truths

  • What are some common nonsense we never question? (Case examples from grooming and fashion industry)
  • What’s hidden in the iceberg that can give you clue to leapfrog your brand and business growth?
  • How can you turn hurdles into opportunities by replacing cut-and-paste status quo with innovative ideas? (Case examples from planner, training, financial services and silicone industry)
  • Group exercise  

 Module 6:  Ideation for New Brand Relevance: Practising 8 ways to think of alternatives

  • What is being strategic?
  • How can you get new ideas by using simplified innovation planning process? (Case examples from transportation and fashion industry)
  • What are 8 ways you can break the industry rules by creating new industry logic and business system? (Case examples from child care, medical care, airline, sports store, beverage, TV show, furniture, stock market, newspapers, cruise, health care, supermarket, snacks, energy drink, personal care, packaging, construction, accessories, parking services, cinema, training, mining and fashion industry)
  • Group exercise

Module 7:  MDS Planning Map: Innovating from the established

  • How can you plot your market-driving marketing mix using a 1-page matrix? (Case examples from power tools, network marketing, planner, automotive and retailing industry)
  • How can you make your new idea succeed?
  • Group exercise

Who should attend: 

While primarily targeting marketing & sales practitioners (60%) such as brand managers, marketing managers, sales managers, heads of different functional areas such as R&D, finance, strategic planning, OD, operation, and the like composed 20% of the class with top management (CEOs, COOs, GMs) as another 20%. Team attendance is highly recommended.

What our past participants said:

“Josiah is very creative. He has an exceptionally brilliant innovation machine in his brain and heart. I somehow wish it infects all of us.” - Laarnie Cancio; AVP-Product Development; RCBC Trust and Investments Group

“Seminar is practical. Can’t wait to finalize our Marketing plans to incorporate learnings from this seminar.” — Jorge Luna, Consumer Insights & Marketing Services Manager, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

“The best innovation seminar I’ve attended” – Eva Barrett, marketing manager of Mead Johnson Nutritionals

“Great Seminar! The MDS concept is a game-changing approach to marketing strategy! This is world class stuff!” – Jay Jaboneta, Chief Story Teller, Yellow Boat Foundation

“This seminar changed my perspective about marketing in today’s time!” — Geraldine Baula, Brand Manager, Watsons Personal Care Store, Inc.

“Joe is the Filipino version of Philip Kotler in our country.  You can learn a lot from him. Very practical approach & examples” — Cris Yap, Marketing Officer, Meralco Group

“Market-Driving Strategy is like the “Holy Grail”. This may give solutions to both big and small companies’ desire to remain profitable in their respective industries.” – Sean Guibone, Territory Sales Manager, San Miguel Brewery

“Very glad to experience Josiah in person – he exceeded expectations” — Noel Ostrea, VP – Finance/Admin, Ostrea Mineral Labs, Inc.

“The best in the industry. Truly an Institution.” — Moises D. Dela Cruz, Assistant Manager, Bounty Agro.

“Joe’s very effective. His experience and years in the industry make him very much credible. No dull moments. Great learning experience.” — Cecille Caling, Group Product Manager, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

Past participants include:

  • President of Malayan Insurance
  • First Vice President of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
  • VP- Strategic Planning, United Coconut Planters Bank
  • VP, Unilab Consumer Health
  • AVP-Strategic Marketing and Planning of Transnational Diversified Group, Inc.
  • AVP – Branding and Corporate of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.
  • Director of Sales & Marketing of Island Cove Hotel & Leisure Park
  • Director for Feed Sales and Marketing of Grains Handlers Philippines, Inc.
  • Marketing Director of Tupperware Brands
  • Marketing Manager of SM Mart, Inc.
  • Marketing Manager, San Miguel Foods Inc
  • Marketing Manager of Ayala Theaters Management, Inc.
  • Marketing Manager of Robert Bosch, Inc.
  • Asst. Marketing Manager of The Real American Doughnut Company, Inc.
  • Sales Management Head (Merchant), BPI
  • Sales Manager, JAKA Food Processing
  • Business Devt. Manager of Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare Philippines, Inc.
  • Senior Category Manager of Watsons Personal Care Stores (Phils.), Inc.
  • Senior Product Manager of United Laboratories Inc.
  • Assistant Brand Manager, Merck
  • Product Development Officer, Bankard
  • Key Account Specialist, Bayer Philippines

About the speaker:

Chairman & Chief Marketing Strategist, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

JOSIAH GO is chairman of 12 corporations and author of 13 bestselling marketing books. His specialization is in the area of market-driving strategy, business model innovation, profit strategy and innopreneurship where has personally facilitated over 500 marketing, strategy and innovation workshops here and abroad since 1990.  For pioneering and successfully sharing many educational initiatives, “Joe” was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in 2002 in the field of business education, and was awarded by his peers the rare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Association of Marketing Educators. He was also recently accorded the World Brand Leadership Award in 2009. .

His dedication to lifelong education has brought him to places like MIT Sloan, London Business School, Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (France & New York), Kellogg and Wharton and has empowered him to help your firm apply the Market-Driving Strategies technology in easy-to-understand, thought-provoking, inspiring case example method.

 All programs can be done in-house and customized to fit the training needs of your company. We also have more courses exclusive for in-house seminars. For more details please call Alice Torres at (02)584-8989 / 0917-6271888 / 0918-81-168-88. You may also email