Power Brands: Attaining Retail Marketing and Branding Excellence

Retail stores that sell directly to consumers face a different set of marketing challenges than other industries. While numerous seminars and workshops on marketing in general abound, very few touch on the retail business with its peculiar challenges, idiosyncrasies, and its special context. Distinct from the areas of industrial and general consumer/services sector marketing, this seminar is specifically geared towards retailers and those who work with retailers to undertake marketing activities in a retail setting. 

The retail industry is beset with various challenges to include price competition and downward pressure on margins resulting from a hyper competitive marketplace. Competition is not just local but is increasingly coming from foreign retail companies as well. Cost pressures from high rent and labor expenses put further pressure on the profitability of a retail business. In addition, customers want everything faster, cheaper, better. They expect more from their shopping experience. Retailers need to do more than just meet expectations, they need to exceed customer expectations; not just fulfill needs, but satisfy wants.

This seminar will take participants through an introduction to the concept of retail marketing and branding, the various tools of the retail marketing mix, and the drivers of retail marketing success. It is designed to be of relevance to all types and sizes of retail businesses and suppliers/service providers. Hands-on and intensive, “Retail Marketing and Branding” will provide fresh insights, as well as innovative yet uncomplicated solutions to achieving marketing success in a retail business.

Program Concept
This 2-day program develops participants through interactive lectures and engaging input sessions. Structured store visits are included in the program to provide immediate participant processing and linking of framework and principles with reality. Case studies will be used from a myriad of retailing sectors, including food, category killers, supermarkets, department stores, warehouse clubs, and specialty fashion chains.

Key Benefits to Participants 
Each participant will learn:
  • Develop the knowledge and tools to craft winning retail marketing strategies and an integrated framework for strategic retail marketing management. 
  • This framework will help you to facilitate more effective programs for higher sales and profits and to build a sustainable and compelling competitive advantage.
  • Learn the various ways to win in retailing, latest global trends and strategies employed by some of the most profitable retailers in the world. 
  • Generate insights on how you can raise your value as a marketer to your organization
  • Redefine your role as a marketer to be more strategic and customer focused 
Key Benefits to Company 
The company will gain:
  • You will understand and adapt more effectively to the rapid changes that are taking place in the retail environment to help you remain competitive.
  • This will also build the strategic planning skills of your key personnel and provide them with the tools to upgrade and improve the planning and execution of your retail marketing programs.
Key Topics to Cover
  • Understand why a strong brand is one of the most important weapons in a retailers’ arsenal to stand-out in a crowded marketplace
  • Learn the DOUBLE GEAR MODEL of attaining market power in retailing; a methodology for examining yours and your competitors' brands and to plan your own brands’ winning strategy
  • Choose from the 4 positioning options for retailers to create differentiation and win the battle for the customers' minds
  • Discover the 6 different types of in-store customer experiences that you can orchestrate in your business
  • Recognize the 5 brand personality rings and the corresponding 10 universal human values to which specific brand personalities resonate.
  • Understand the roles of out-of-store and in-store communication tools
  • Analyze best practices in retail branding and marketing locally and abroad
  • Learn more robust segmentation models specifically geared for retailers
  • Understand the dynamics of the power shift from manufacturers to retailers and what the future holds for manufacturer and retailer partnerships
Who should attend
This program is for upper and middle managers in the retail sector and allied or associated industries (e.g. fast-food and casual dining chains), including: senior and middle managers working in marketing/ad & promo, merchandising/category, operations, and general management.

This program will also be beneficial to middle managers of manufacturing companies who work in trade marketing or who work closely with retailers to bring value-added marketing programs to key accounts/trade partners.

About the Speaker

Frances Yu has over 20 years experience in the retail sector as a senior executive, consultant, and market research provider in a variety of retail formats, such as department store, specialty fashion stores, specialty book store, supermarket, hypermarket, and convenience store.

She was previously Vice President for Rustan’s Supermarket with overall responsibilities for Marketing, Merchandising, and Store Operations. Prior to that she was the Vice President for Marketing of Rustan’s Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI), the operator of Shopwise Hypermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarkets and Wellcome Community stores and one of the major success stories in retailing today. As head of marketing of RSCI, she defined the brand positioning, marketing communications strategy and tactics of the various brands under the group. She oversaw the advertising, promotions, special events, public relations, visual merchandising, marketing research and CRM programs of the company. She established the various loyalty card programs within the group to include the Shopwise Wise Card and Elite Card program (the first of its kind in the industry) and the Rustan’s Fresh Shopping Rewards and Star Sapphire Program. 

Prior to this, she was president of FJY Consulting, Inc., which provided marketing and management consulting services for leading corporations in the Philippines and Asia. She was also Vice President and General Manager of Trackers, a marketing research and consultancy firm whose clients included top 500 corporations in the retail, banking, telecoms, IT, manufacturing, and services sector.

Frances has spoken in various forums and conferences here and abroad on the topics of Direct Marketing, Loyalty Card Programs, CRM global best practices, Customer Service, Marketing Research, and Retail branding. She completed her undergraduate studies at Fordham University in New York, summa cum laude.