Power Tools: Loyalty Program that Soar

Loyalty programs are everywhere, in virtually every market, every industry and every region of the globe.  Marketers have adopted the tactics of recognition and reward to identify, maintain and increase the share of wallet of their best customers in the unending quest for customer loyalty.   But do loyalty programs work? Do they deliver on the promise of earning and keeping customer loyalty?   
The truth is loyalty programs are expensive, hard to implement, time consuming, and may not necessarily lead to customer loyalty. Moreover, the ubiquity and lack of differentiation among programs have often led to mixed results for companies.  There are too many schemes, too many cards, and too much sameness.  Consumers need ever-more compelling reasons to give your program a try, much less stay with it.  While many companies have started to question the value of loyalty programs, these have become a basic customer expectation in many industries.  In short, not having a program becomes a competitive disadvantage. 
In this seminar, participants will learn how to create powerful programs that work or elevate and boost an existing program to drive results.  They will learn the principles, steps, techniques, and criteria to turn their loyalty program into a self-propelled, guided weapon system that can help attain competitive advantage.
This seminar is designed to help companies who are thinking of introducing their own loyalty program, as well as companies who want to leverage on their existing programs to maximize its value and create a distinct competitive advantage.
Key Topics:
I.  The Loyalty Journey So Far

This overview will examine the rise of loyalty marketing from its infancy in the 70s to the present time.  It will look at the evolution of loyalty programs and its continuous rise as the tool of choice to help increase customer loyalty.  It will outline the principles of loyalty marketing, as well as examine the different loyalty business models. 
II.  Basic Loyalty Program Design

This section will give a step-by-step guide in putting together a loyalty program to include devising your value proposition, mechanics and rewards methodology, calculating financial investment, undertaking data analysis, and customer engagement.  It will examine some of the critical success factors and the key considerations in desiging program strategy.  It will also outline the common pitfalls in designing and maintaining a program, and how to avoid these.
III.  Designing a VIP Program

This section will guide participants in the design of VIP programs for best customers.  It will look at case studies on how programs can be used as a tool to create exceptional customer experiences.

IV.  The 3-Coin Criteria in Evaluating Loyalty Programs 

This module will introduce participants to the Mansmith 3-Coin criteria in evaluating a loyalty program.  The double-sided criteria will analyze a program from both the customer and the sponsoring company's perspective.  It is devised to ensure a win-win proposition for a loyalty program.

V.  The Mansmith Loyalty Framework

In this module, participants will be introduced to the Loyalty Missile framework, a framework designed to turn your program into a self-propelled, guided weapon system that gives you a competitive advantage. 
VI.  Loyalty Marketing Trends to Watch 
What does the future hold for loyalty programs?  What are the emerging trends that will influence the direction of future programs?

This 2-day program develops participants through interactive lectures and engaging input sessions.  A workshop is included which will provide immediate participant processing and linking of framework and principles with reality. Case studies will be used from the retail, airline, banking, and other service industries here and abroad.
Who Should Attend:

This program is for upper and middle managers who are charged with overseeing, designing, or marketing their company's loyalty programs across industries.  This includes senior and middle managers working in loyalty marketing, Ad & Promo, CRM, relationship management, and general marketing management. 

Benefits for Participants:
  •  Develop the knowledge and tools to design a new loyalty program or improve upon the current loyalty program of your company.
  •  Reinvigorate your program with new strategies, tactics, and technologies backed by imagination, innovation and sound program  design
  •  Learn best practices, latest global trends and strategies employed by some of the best loyalty marketers in the world. 
  •  Increase your value as a loyalty marketer to your organization
Benefits for Your Organization:
  • Get a better ROI on your loyalty program investments.
  • Build the strategic planning skills of your key personnel and provide them with the tools to upgrade and improve the planning and execution of your loyalty marketing programs.
  • Improve your organization's overall effectiveness in identifying, rewarding, and keeping your best customers.
About the Facilitator:
Frances Yu has over 20 years experience in retail and marketing as a senior executive, consultant, and market research provider in a variety of industries. 
She was previously Vice President and Business Unit Head for Rustan’s Supermarket, and VP Marketing for Rustan's Supercenters, Inc. (RSCI) the operator of Shopwise Hypermarkets, Rustan’s Supermarkets and Wellcome Community stores and one of the one of the major success stories in retailing today. As head of marketing of RSCI, she defined the brand positioning, marketing communications strategy and tactics of the various brands under the group.  She oversaw the advertising, promotions, special events, public relations, visual merchandising, marketing research and CRM programs of the company. 
She conceptualized and rolled-out the various loyalty card programs within the group to include the Shopwise Wise Card and Elite Card program (the first of its kind in the industry) and the Rustan’s Fresh Shopping Rewards and Star Sapphire Program.  Most recently, she also conceptualized the loyalty program of Wellworth department store (a joint venture of SSI and Ayala Corporation).
In 2006, she led a multi-cultural group of marketing practitioners from top department stores around the world in studying best practices in loyalty marketing.   The group was tasked with studying and making recommendations to the Central Retail group of Thailand on the strategy, features, and operational issues of its loyalty card program (the 1 card), to maximize success and mitigate risks.  The results of the study and recommendations were presented in South Africa to the CEOs of top department stores and the recommendations were subsequently adopted.
Frances has spoken in various forums and conferences here and abroad on the topics of Direct Marketing, Loyalty Card Programs, CRM global best practices, Customer Service, Marketing Research, and Retail branding. She completed her undergraduate studies at Fordham University in New York, summa cum laude.