Strategic Marketing

Josiah Go’s ALL NEW Strategic Marketing Course.
A high intensity seminar on understanding the 24 MBA analytical tools for strategy formulation and execution

Key Benefits to Participants

  • Understanding business frameworks taught in post-graduate schools in 2 days
  • Ability to interact arts like minded individuals in thinking systematically

Key Benefits to Company

  • Common competencies in strategic thinking among managers and staff assigned to handle or support brand, the company’s most important asset
  • Highly effective and educated associates capable of growing the business via methodical market diagnosis

Program Overview:
Module 1: How Does Your Industry Work?

  • Analytical Tool 1: Logic of Industry
  • Analytical Tool 2: Five Forces of Industry Analysis

Module 2: How Does Your Business Operate and Make Money?

  • Analytical Tool 3: Generic Strategy
  • Analytical Tool 4: Product-Market Opportunity Matrix
  • Analytical Tool 5: Value Chain Analysis
  • Analytical Tool 6: PMS Map
  • Analytical Tool 7: Strategic Focus
  • Analytical Tool 8: Decision Tree (product/service vs. retail)
  • Analytical Tool 9: Margin-Return Profitability Matrix
  • Analytical Tool 10: 7S’s Strategy Framework

Module 3: How Does Your Competitors Think?

  • Analytical Tool 11: Competitor’s Assumption
  • Analytical Tool 12: Competitor’s Most Probable Scenario (MPS)
  • Analytical Tool 13: Level of Competitive Destructive Weapon

Module 4: How Does Consumer and Customer Get Satisfaction?

  • Analytical Tool 14: Consumer Behavior Model
  • Analytical Tool 15: Customer Lifetime Value
  • Analytical Tool 16: Yin-Yang Channel Needs
  • Analytical Tool 17: Customer Typology Matrix

Module 5: How Can You Reinvent Your Strategy?

  • Analytical Tool 18: Market-Driving Strategy Matrix
  • Analytical Tool 19: Business Model Map
  • Analytical Tool 20: The Delta Model

Module 6: How Does Selected Analytical Tools Compare?

  • Analytical Tool 21: Product Portfolio Analysis
  • Analytical Tool 22: Buyer Utility Map
  • Analytical Tool 23: Blue Ocean Strategy’s 4-Action Framework
  • Analytical Tool 24: 5 Dimension of Strategy Planning

Who Should Attend
Every Brand, Sales and Strategy Practitioner, as well as Brand Assistant or Assistant Brand Manager or Sales Manager

Generous number of case examples from the following industries will be cited (subject to change without prior notice):

  • Agriculture
  • Baby products
  • Banking
  • Beauty care
  • Beer
  • Calculators
  • Cinema
  • Coffee
  • Computers
  • Consumer durable
  • Fast food
  • Feeds
  • Food
  • Ice Cream
  • Intimate Wash
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pizza
  • Recruitment
  • Soap
  • Soft drinks
  • School
  • Supermarket
  • Telecom
  • Training
  • Water purifiers

What our past participants said:
“It widens my perspective in Marketing & how this would translate in wider market share” — Christian Neil Belo, HR & ADM Manager, Steelasia Manufacturing Corp.

“The speaker Mr. Josiah Go opened new/unrealized area and ways to gain not only sales but profit” –Donabel Fernandez, Italianni’s – Asst. Brand Manager, Bistro Americano Corp.

“All the additional input from Joe are valuable and are very practical. I specifically enjoyed the case studies because they put the theories in a more “grounded” perspective.” —Anne Castillo, Product Manager, Unionbank

Past participants include:

  • General Manager of Jaka Food Processing Corp.
  • Managing Director of SQL Wizard Inc.
  • Senior Vice President of Grepalife Financial, Inc.
  • Senior Vice President of Security Bank Corp.
  • VP-Asia Pacific of Patron Spirits International AG
  • AVP for Sales & Marketing of Flyace Corp.
  • AVP, Product and Marketing of JG Summit Petrochemical Corp.
  • Product Marketing Manager of Electrolux Phils Inc.
  • Region Commercial Manager of Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils.
  • Group Product Manager of URC
  • Manager of BPI
  • Asst. Brand Manager of Bistro American Corp

About the speaker:
Chairman & Chief Marketing Strategist, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

JOSIAH GO is chairman of 12 corporations and author of 13 bestselling marketing books. His specialization is in the area of market-driving strategy, business model innovation, profit strategy and innopreneurship where he has personally facilitated over 500 marketing, strategy and innovation workshops here and abroad since 1990.He took advanced marketing and innovation programs at MIT Sloan,Kellogg,London Business School, Wharton and at the Blue Ocean Strategy Institute.For pioneering and successfully sharing many educational initiatives, “Joe” was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in 2002 in the field of business education, and was awarded by his peers the rare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 by the Association of Marketing Educators. He was also recently accorded the World Brand Leadership Award in 2009. .

His dedication to lifelong education has brought him to places like MIT Sloan, London Business School, Blue Ocean Strategy Institute (France & New York), Kellogg and Wharton and has empowered him to help your firm apply the Market-Driving Strategies technology in easy-to-understand, thought-provoking, inspiring case example method.