Superior Selling Skills

Recommended to sales people of companies committed to attain profitable revenue targets and market share goals. Learn superior selling skills through frameworks, process, and skill exercise drills.

If your sales people do not have superior selling skills, are you not giving away market share to competition? All your precious investment in products, services, and your support system to gain competitive advantage are meaningless and wasted if the most basic profitable revenue generator, your salespeople, do not have advantage of knowledge and skill against their counterpart sales people.


Well…how about upgrading if not replacing their 3 MOST CRITICAL SKILLS?

  • Sales Encounter Control*
    • ability to suavely manage the flow and substance of client meetings
    • without the client being conscious (or resistant) given that they have handed over control to the  salesperson
  • Interactive Discovery Skills*
    • ability to execute time-efficient surgical probing and listening skills,
    • using the appropriate architectures of conversational communication,
    • that maximizes critical information gathering very much more precise than the extremely basic open and close–ended questions,
    •  to draw out problems and opportunities with the least amount of questions and time
  • Suavely Conversational Persuasion*
    • ability to use an argument-less method of convincing customers,
    • utilizing customer-centric sequencing and phrasing
    • that sounds and feels like just a normal human conversation,
    • and takes only seconds to a minute to execute,
    • securing both a customer-satisfying and seller –positive result with

*The EXCLUSIVE and PROPRIETARY FRAMEWORK and METHODS above have been developed by Mansmith and Fielders, the leader in sales and marketing training, coaching and consulting, culled from what really works and proven effective in multiple selling settings (business-to-business, business-to-consumer, selling to and thru distribution channels, selling at retail point and any other face-to-face selling in almost every industry) for as long as human psychology is involved in buying and not some robotic digital algorithm.

First of all your sales people will be guided to unlearn obsolete and inefficient methods like the old seller-convenient but not buyer-friendly sequence of presenting, handling objections and closing, which the average and low performers keep on using. Why should you settle for 20% success when your salespeople can enjoy 65% to 95% closing capability using a more client-centric approach to profitable selling?

Secondly, when your sales people learn how not focus on selling per se, but instead, on helping their prospect/customers buy, turnoff and artificial hard selling is replaced by natural guidance towards helping the customer towards a decision that will be beneficial to him/her and/or his/her company. After all people like to buy but somehow unconsciously hate being sold to!

Key Benefits to Participants
Each participant will:

  • Gain knowledge of selling frameworks and processes
  • Understand the buy-in thought process
  • Acquire skill seed implants particularly in the 3 most critical skills: sales encounter control, interactive discovery and persuasion which in combination, suavely secures the sale
  • Be able to immediately apply framework, process and skill implants in skill drill laboratories
  • Earn confidence points that multiplies individual effectiveness

Key Benefits to Company
The company will gain:

  • An increase in sales transaction closing ratio
  • Faster closing turnaround
  • More productive sales personnel (less sales calls to complete deal closure and then more customers called upon /sales coverage per sales person/ more time for establishing a stronghold with key customers )
  • Better customer satisfaction and loyalty at a profit
  • Financial advantages from a more effective and efficient sales handling of customers
  • A higher level of interdepartmental understanding, cooperation, and support for one another (For non-sales team members)

Program Concept             

The seminar helps participants understand the buyer’s thought process. By anchoring on easily grasped field extracted and formulated frameworks, participants know what and why they should perform the optimized process.  To execute the systematically sequenced sales process properly, specific skills are identified in each step of the process. Participants are then treated to sessions of skill points upgrading by allowing them to immediately try out and practice the newfound skill seeds through skill labs, reinforced with valuable experience-sharing, relating selling real stories/examples, and providing tips.

Program Overview  
Preliminary Part: Anchoring on Solid Foundation- Buying and Selling Frameworks & Processes

  • 4 buy-in windows
  • The black hole of selling-where 70% of lost sales are found
  • 3 main critical components of a buy-in and sub components to calibrate towards closing more effectively
  • Universally natural buy-in phases (in the context of both business organizations and individuals)
  • Matching the buy-in phases with a client-centric selling process that is also seller-profitable

Part 1A: Skill # 1 Learning Input-Sales Encounter Control

  • Why use sales encounter control?
  • Sales encounter control framework
  • 3 simple steps

Part 1B: Skill Drills for Sales Encounter Control
Part 2A Skill # 2 Learning Input- Interactive Discovery

  • Why and how critical discovery is to a sale
  • Interactive discovery framework
  • Quick check if participants know the basics: open and close-ended questions
  • More advanced question design: straightforward, leading, conditional, phraseological compounding, etc.
  • Surgically precise questions to unearth various problems and opportunities as well as mission-critical information and feelings

Part 2B: Skill Drills for Interactive Discovery
Part 2A Skill # 2 Learning Input- Suavely Conversational Persuasion

  • Why presenting, handling objections and closing is a failure?
  • Why Feature-Advantage-Benefit selling is also a failure?
  • Persuasion framework
  • Buyer-friendly, argument-less steps to persuasion
  • Overlaying the natural conversational skin over the logic-emotion backbone

Part 2B: Skill Drills for Suavely conversational Persuasion
Learning Summary and Skill Development Tips

Seminar Methodology
Utilizes the following:

  • Interactive Lectures
  • Real Stories (Sales Cases)
  • Buddy drills
  • Class-observed and critiqued Role Plays,
  • Class Discussions

Case examples from the following products / industries may be cited:

  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Consumer Durables
  • Direct Selling
  • Distribution
  • Energy
  • Events Marketing
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Cosmetics)
  • Forwarding
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Network Marketing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • Telecom

Case examples of the following scenarios shall be discussed:

  • Debunking the process: present, handle objections and close
  • Replacing hard closing techniques with a superior process
  • Prioritizing entry through the 4 buy-in windows
  • How the buyer’s  mind and heart works
  • Adjusting buy-in component calibration while selling
  • Controlling sales encounters given the degrees of buyer assertiveness
  • Formulating and using surgically precise questions
  • Using a phraseological compound to determine need
  • Listening effectively
  • Argument-less, conversational persuasion in 1 minutes or less

 Who should attend:
This course should be required for every sales person, young or old, inexperienced or a veteran still who are still using argument and failure-rigged obsolete methods designed for seller convenience (present, handle objections and close).  Failure to update their methods is too much of a risk and far more expensive in terms of lost business opportunities for any company to bear. The seminar provides the frontline veteran an unlearning, learning and relearning opportunity to evolve directionally away from career extinction. On the other hand, the course provides the sales neophyte, a powerful head start against reinvented selling veterans and hotshot novices.  This is also recommended to personnel who need to sell their proposals and ideas within their companies or conglomerates and to win management, team or peer approvals.

About the Speaker
Partner and Chief Sales Strategist, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.

Former country manager of Alcatel, former general manager for provincial  operations of Smart, former professor of the Ateneo de Manila University, rose from the ranks of different companies (P&G, Tupperware, Pocketbell)

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