The 9-Step Strategic Sales Planning Model

Is your sales force equipped to design a robust sales plan that provides clear paths to reach your goals? 

Vague strategic plans, misaligned objectives and anaemic execution details – sales plans that always fail to define roadmaps to reach the goals. 

Avoid the pitfalls in sales planning that derail your efforts to achieve success! 

Key Topics:
Module 1: Align Sales Drivers with the 4 Critical Strategic Questions
  • Why strategic sales planning sessions do not produce the desired outcome
  • Discussing the key reasons why plans remain plans
  • Identifying the sales drivers where to focus your plan
  • Answering the 4 critical strategic questions in sales planning
Module 2: The 9-Step Strategic Sales Planning Model 
  • Understanding the company and its overall marketing plan
  • Discussing the sales requirements of the business plan
  • Going through each of the 9-Step Strategic Sales Planning Model
  • How to segment customers and design your customer value proposition
  • Challenging the go-to-market strategy and redesigning the sales force
  • Workshop for application
Module 3: The Execution Framework: It’s in the Details!
  • Defining the drivers of the strategies in the plan
  • How to turn the drivers of each strategy into executable plans
  • Defining the primary & secondary sales tactics in the plan
  • Designing the success measures for each strategy and tactic
  • How to use different sales activity tools and templates
  • How to test and predict the accuracy of the sales forecast
  • How to translate the sales activity plans into monthly sales synopsis
  • Workshop for application

Module 4: How to Write the Executive Summary of Your Sales Plan
  • How to clearly write the top level objectives
  • The primary strategies and action plans to achieve objectives
  • Outlining the opportunities the plan will exploit
  • The key measures of success
Case examples of the following scenarios shall be discussed:
  • How other companies developed their go-to-market strategy
  • Developing a distributor selection criteria
  • How a multinational company managed transition from one distributor to another

Who Should Attend
General and Division Managers, Sales Directors or Managers / Supervisors and Marketing Managers
Case examples from the following products / industries shall be cited:
  • Cosmetics
  • E-load
  • Food and Beverage
  • Motor Battery
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Personal Care
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Telecom
About the Speaker

Partner and Chief Distribution Strategist
President of his own two distribution companies; have organized and set-up different distributor networks, former VP sales and distribution of RFM, former national sales manager of L’Oreal, a part time professor of De La Salle Graduate School teaching Distribution Management, rose from the ranks of different companies (Nestle, Gillette, MetroLab). Attended an executive program on Marketing Channels at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago.