Discovering, Innovating, Shortlisting Opportunities by Josiah Go

How to See things differently, Think differently and Do things differently

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Discovering, Innovating, Shortlisting Opportunities: How to See things differently, Think differently and Do things differently

By Josiah Go

  • 1 Masterclass

  • 8 Sessions 

  • 50 Topics

  • 150 Curated Case Examples

  • 30 Countries

  • 15 Teaching Methodologies 

The number 1 quality CEOs seek most in future leaders is Innovative Thinking. This is linked to their main priorities; to accelerate digital transformation, improve innovation, and modify the business model (Source: The Conference Board, Dec 2020). This unique 4-in-1 course integrates the interdependencies of discovery skills, innovation skills, shortlisting skills and opportunity-seeking skills in order to help corporate innovators validate their initiatives and remove the guesswork from programs. 

It helps participants learn from 150 carefully curated case examples from different industries and 30 countries, further improving their understanding beyond their own industry expertise. It is intended for market leaders, to help them further solidify their market position, as well as new market entrants or challengers who want to leapfrog traditional competitors.

Participants can choose to attend either part 1, 2 or 3 only. However, having a complete perspective would be highly recommended for serious innovators. Best to come and practice in teams. 

Please inquire to should you wish to enroll for a particular session only:

PART 1 :  Opportunity Seeking and Screening

  • What CEOs seek in 2021

  • Qualities CEOs seek most in future leaders

  • 8 major ways to spot opportunities

  • The 9th way (on session 6)

  • 50 Opportunities in a Changing Landscape (How people work, how people live, how people buy, how people play, how people avoid dying)

  • 2 quick ways to validate your discovery

  • Which of the 18 ideation methods work, which does not? 

  • 12 critical lessons on opportunity-seeking 

  • Tip: How to mix online to offline purchase by mixing A.I., creativity, and human emotions.

  • Tip: How HR can be more innovative and avoid retrenching people

  • Tip: How to help retailers who closed their shops forever (and how retailers can still extract value even if they have already closed)

  • Innovation case examples from BPO, packaging, drugstore, chocolates, appliance, garden equipment, herbicides, direct sales, training, scooters, telecom, geotagging, manufacturing, restaurant, beer, election campaigns, acting, retail, ecommerce, transport, food, solar, microlending

  • Curated cases from Singapore, Colombia, UK, Sweden, Brazil, USA, & Philippines 

  • Selection criteria: Financial vs. Non Financial Decisions

  • Innovation Portfolio Management

  • 5x4 Innovation Metrics

  • Identifying gaps

  • Identifying and mitigating risks in each building block of innovation before implementation  

  • Avoiding Blind Spot Phenomenon

  • Managing innovation performance: What Stratplan should pay attention to 

  • Tip: How HR can be more innovative in recruiting

  • Innovative case examples from toys, transport, apparel, cementery, theme park, beer, tourism, gaming

  • Curated cases from Brazil, France, US

PART 2: Improving Your Discovery Skills

  • Three questions to ask to get the “secret sauces” of what a person is really thinking

  • Why people do what they do 

  • The practical way to do Empathy Mapping

  • Brainwriting

  • Innovative case examples from motel, bakery, printing, water, soap, school, toys, bike, banking, coffee, hospital, medical clinic, restaurant, banking

  • Curated cases from Philippines, Denmark, USA, Italy

  • 4 Breakthrough questions 

  • The humility and wisdom to ask 

  • Innovative case examples from airline, school, co-working space, construction, A.I., automotive, outdoor ad, skin protection, cafe, law office

  • Curated cases from USA, Ireland, China, UK, Australia, Brazil

  • Observation: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Thin slicing who are potential buyers vs. nonbuyers

  • Improving Local Store Marketing through observation 

  • 3 Ways to be More Mindful

  • Tip: How to turn a inventory loss to your advantage

  • Experimentation: 4 ways to fail fast

  • Why prototype when you can pretotype

  • 20 techniques to choose from

  • 6 experimentation models

  • Testing critical assumptions

  • Good versus bad hypothesis  

  • Networking: 3 key questions to ask your network to find early innovators 

  • Putting It All Together: How to create more dots 

  • 11 ways perspectives of top management and board become limited 

  • Insighting iceberg

  • 5 criteria for a good insight

  • Innovative case examples from cosmetics, appliances, toys, casino, automotive, department store, supermarket, office supplies,

  • consumer health, chocolate, outdoor ad, elevator, brakes, mental health, IT, phone, medical clinic, HR services ice cream, school, pharma, hospital, insurance, medical clinic, HR services, ice cream, school, consumer health, pharma, detox, food, vending, transport, restaurant

  • Curated cases from India, UK, Netherland, US, Sweden, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico, Italy

PART 3: Mastering Innovation

  • Innovation Myopia: 7 violations of what innovation should not be 

  • 2 elements required to be a true innovation

  • Value indicators vs vitality metrics

  • 9 expanded concepts of Value

  • 3 major types of innovation 

  • Importance of learning from another industry

  • 3 lenses: Innovation leadership and culture, Intrapreneurship, Big Picture Strategy 

  • 4 steps to build innovation culture

  • Managing the 11 building blocks of innovation culture 

  • Leadership traits for different innovation strategy: Is there a fit? 

  • Resolving conflict between discipline process and creativity process 

  • Can Innovation Culture survive without Innovation Competencies? 

  • Innovation Competencies: The Russian Doll layering concept 

  • Do you need a devil’s advocate in an innovation culture?

  • Innovative case examples from underwear, entertainment, laptop, courier, logistics, packaging, skincare, coffee, detergent, paper, IT

  • Curated cases from USA, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Switzerland

  • Understanding the Big Picture and System Thinking

  • The importance of Innovation Pipeline and Managers as Innovation Mentors 

  • Innovating in the entire value chain 

  • Crisis-driven Innovation: Learning from the Speed of Pandemic Pivot of these 11 Companies 

  • Combining voice of customers and voice of enterprise

  • When innovation opportunity is substantially different from the firm’s core business. 

  • Lessons from Mansmith Innovation Awards Winners

  • Tip: Tourism services during Covid 

  • Innovative case examples from dementia, eyewear, consumer health, bed, water, bank, credit card, tourism, art, hearing aid, coffee, basketball, hotel, IT, restaurant, services, sports, transport, sanitation, distribution, review center, bottled water

  • Curated cases from China, Spain, USA, Sweden, Thailand, UK, Dubai, Taiwan, Faroe’s Island, Singapore, Amsterdam, Netherland, Philippines, London, Korea

  • Intrapreneurship: What, Why, Who, How 

  • 4 similar traits and 14 differences between Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs

  • Intrapreneurship models

  • Collaboration: 4 rules, 4 types of people you need, 4 thinking archetypes that need balancing 

  • Agile: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  • Innovation Process 

  • 4-Question model

  • Scammer, Blue Ocean, Mansmith Innovation on Demand, Law of the Opposite

  • Step Zero: Users are most often ignored by traditional market research and the company’s team

  • Reframing problems and challenges: What’s wrong with being customer-oriented?

  • Innovative case examples from wholesaling, beverage, medical device, payment, satellite tv, fiber, exercise equipment, mining, training, bakery, automotive, IT, concept art, toys, beer, banking, fashion, medical check-up, music, LGBT, Trans, menstrual products, credit cards, entertainment, gaming, 

  • Curated cases from the Philippines, USA, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, India, Argentina, Russia, Belgium


March 28, 29, 30, 31, 2023
April 26, 27, 2023

May 4, 5, 2023
3:00PM - 6:00PM


15 Methodologies will be used to run this course: Lecture, AVPs, Discussion, Reflection, Homework, Brainstorm, Experience sharing, Debate, Interview, Pre Read, Breakout sharing,  Storytelling, Vote, Peer advice, Questioning 


Josiah Go

Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist

The course facilitator is the Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders Inc and the most awarded business educator in the Philippines. With specializations in Business Model, Innopreneurship, Market-Driving Strategy, and Profit Strategy, he earned his executive certificate in Innovation and Strategy at the MIT Sloan in Boston. He is the first Filipino to be qualified and certified as a Blue Ocean Strategist in the Philippines. 

Josiah Go is the author of 55-video Business Model Course in Continuum Academy and is the Co-Founder of the Mansmith Innovation Awards, and the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA). Additionally, he is now an independent director of Unionbank.

Date & Time
March 28, 2023
Start - 3:00 PM
March 31, 2023
End - 6:00 PM Asia/Manila

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--Live via Zoom--

Josiah Go

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