Josiah Go's Best of the Best marketing and strategies courses in 1 seminar!
Feb 8, 10, 11, 15, 17, 18
10am to 12noon (GMT +8)

During the 2-part live interactive course, Josiah Go, the most awarded business educator in the Philippines, will speak on six different but inter-related topics and share generous number of cases, both classics and contemporary, local and international.

Part 1: Strategy

Session 1 (Feb 8): Business Model Innovation
How can business executives reinvent their 3 commercial mandates -- create, deliver and capture value. 
- Business model as an activity system
- How competing players can each launch business model innovation
- Cases in office equipment, and software

Session 2 (Feb 10): Market Driving Strategy
Beyond existing market, market development can offer new routes to recover lost sales from existing market and/or expand new revenue and profit source. 

Why 99% of marketing plans are inadequate
- Understanding the 7-step MDS process
- Cases in beverages and fitness 

Session 3 (Feb 11): 5 Skills of Master Strategists
Get to understand what you need to know about sensemaking, discovering, innovating, influencing and executing, and why they are an integrated system.

Asking breakthrough questions
- Finding an anomaly 
- Cases in consumer lifestyle and toys

Part 2: Marketing

Session 4 (Feb 15): Marketing Innovation
Avoiding cut and paste tactics requires a new way to think of how to offer your marketing mix individually or as a whole, we will share our framework how to do this on demand to save you time

A new perspective on the old marketing mix
- 5 ways to quickly gain new perspective
- Cases in personal hygiene and funeral services

Session 5 (Feb 17): Growth Marketing
Opportunity-seeking first before marketing plan. We will teach you 40 ways to apply

5 ways to seek opportunities
- 8 ways to increase your profit
- Cases in food and car rental

Session 6 (Feb 18): Defense Marketing
Competitors will be envious of you and sooner or later will attack you, will you be ready?

- 8 tests to evaluate probability of being attacked by competition
- 10 key lessons on defending your brand
- Cases in alcoholic drinks, and personal care
- How brick & mortar can compete with online alternatives

Time: 10am-12nn
2 hours per session, MWTh

Both parts (6 sessions): P7,500 + vat
Part 1 or Part 2 only (3 sessions): P4,800 + vat

Group discount of 5 + 1 FREE is available.

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February 05, 2021