An advocacy-based company dedicated to marketing excellence through Mansmith projects that focus on the four l's (Information, Ideas, Inspiration, Infrastructure) which help marketing and sales teams soar!


Coach is a division of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. that focuses on non-marketing and non-sales programs- leadership, change management, people management, customer service and presentation skills, and more . Like the Mansmith team, COACH program facilitators are members of top management who have both corporate and academic experience in their areas of expertise that give participants clear frameworks and perspective from all levels of the organization.

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Sensei Academy was created to offer high school and college students the opportunity to kickstart their career development by learning from and engaging directly with successful, experienced professionals.

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Day 8 is the social enterprise arm of Mansmith and Fielders -- offering a subscription-based platform for SMEs who are looking for affordable, yet high-impact online business course.

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Continuum Academy is the online learning platform of Mansmith and Fielders -- aiming to help you do a better and faster job, using the least time and resources, anytime and anywhere.

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Marketing Students.
MarkProf Foundation was established in 2004 to provide talented graduating students, a resume-equalizing training, especially for those students not coming from exclusive schools. The selected 25 senior college students go through a FREE 7-week challenging and intensive bootcamp to learn from the best practitioners and carefully-selected mentors across industries in the fields of marketing and sales management. 

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Marketing Professors.
The first and only annual free training on teaching marketing for marketing educators since 1997.

Marketing Professors.

Certified Marketing Teacher (CMT) is a certification program for senior high school teachers overseen by the bestselling marketing authors, Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go. Participants will be given the chance to use the right marketing book authored by award-winning practitioners, attend the right marketing training by the leading marketing training company in the Philippines, undergo an adequate marketing practicum in reputable companies, and submit an actual marketing paper submission to earn a Certified Marketing Teacher status.

A mentoring and funding program aimed at supporting financially-challenged young social entrepreneurs who wish to contribute to social good via novel solutions to social concerns.

Free enterprise consultation. The 1st and only free one-on-one consultation program for micro, small, and medium enterprises by a pool of successful entrepreneurs.

Free marketing consultation. The 1st and only free one-on-one marketing consultation program for businesses by a marketing training and consulting firm.

Free sales consultation. The 1st and only free one-on-one sales consultation program for businesses by a sales coaches and consultants.

This project, organized by Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., seeks to honor young achievers, 35 years and below, who excel in marketing, sales, digital, innovation and entrepreneurship, and whose achievements encourage and inspire young people to be innovative entrepreneurs and outstanding brand builders. The winners of the Young Market Masters Awards get to speak of their achievements and experiences in a conference called the Young Market Masters Summit.

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This project is the first and only recognition for senior marketers based not just on corporate performance, but on mentoring of Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (Mansmith YMMA) winners.

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This award seeks to recognize Filipino innovators and inspire future innovators, and for both to be celebrated not just in the Philippines but also globally.

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This award is given to entrepreneurs who have successfully balanced the tasks (meaningful work) and treasures (meaningful personal lives) of entrepreneurship. We recognize successful people with business and family while leading or helping communities thrive.

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