Mansmith hosts prestigious awards that honors exceptional work in a range of categories that represent the varied fields of achievement.

The Mansmith Innovation Awards are intended to honor Filipino inventors whose ground-breaking concepts impact sectors both domestically and internationally. This award aims to recognize and honor innovation, creating a culture in which trailblazers are respected and inspired to achieve greater things.

The Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards (YMMA), which target the younger demographic, honors people 35 years of age and under who demonstrate excellence in digital strategy, marketing, sales, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This category acts as a lighthouse for up-and-coming talent, recognizing and honoring those who show extraordinary ability and promise in influencing the direction of business.

The Mansmith Market Masters Awards distinguish itself from traditional corporate performance-based awards programs by honoring senior marketers for their noteworthy mentoring contributions. This award highlights the importance of mentorship in developing talent and the critical role that seasoned professionals play in forming the next wave of marketing leaders.

Finally, the WE Awards honor accomplished business owners who successfully manage their ventures with responsibilities to their families and actively promote community development. This category honors people who represent holistic success, proving that fulfilling professional obligations can coexist peacefully with personal and communal commitments.

Open for 35 years old and below who excel in marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.

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This award seeks to recognize Filipino innovators and inspire future innovators, and for both to be celebrated not just in the Philippines but also globally.

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First and only mentoring recognition for senior marketers, based not on corporate performance, but on mentoring of Mansmith YMMA Winners.

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For successful entrepreneurs whose able to balance business and family while leading or helping communities to thrive

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