15 Cues for Marketers to Stay Distinct and Competitive

The past decade has seen a lot of creating and catching up for us with the internet being introduced in the decade prior. Innovation got us highly productive that it also made us agile and competitive. It has entailed a lot of work trying to align our marketing strategy with that of our data strategy, people strategy and so on. But shouldn’t strategy set direction? How then do we become effective in this? At the heart of innovation lies a vision, which with clarity across the team catapults not only the business but the organization, as well.

Here are 15 cues that marketers need to understand in order to stay distinct and competitive:

On being a master strategist

1. As professionals, we should all develop into strategists and not box ourselves into our titles and prescribed roles

2. Learn continuously and do so conscientiously. Engage in programs that will enrich you and are mutually beneficial

3. Be self-aware and open to changes. Keep asking yourself if you are on the right track and if there is a need to make a turnaround.

On opportunity-seeking and risk mitigation

4. Constantly seek for opportunities - for collaboration, for business, and ultimately for growth.

5. Deal with risks but, at all times, be mindful of it, too.

On market-driving innovations

6. Be omnipresent where your market is. There is no better way to know their needs, pain, and feedback for resolve than to be close to them.

7. Write down your big idea and find ways to validate it. Ask the market, a potential customer you want to tap or convert, and a mentor who would honestly evaluate you and your idea.

8. Do the math. Figure out how you can achieve results without neither overspending nor underspending.

On beating goliaths

9. As a startup or small player, when is it smart to initiate or counter a move? Consider time and timing. 

10. Understand competition. Have a feel of what could be their defense and think on your feet when confronted by them.

11. Be battle-ready! When emerging as a market challenger, prepare to face your own challenges, too.

On being distinct and competitive

12. We have always heard of standing out from the pack. Carefully plan your steps to be different in the vast market of today.

13. How do you trigger top-of-mind awareness? Have clear remarkable traits and qualities that are distinct to both customers and non-customers.

14. Stay relevant! When change happens overnight, your loyal customer would want to stick with you but assure them that you, too, can maintain being linked with them.

15. When rethinking our core, what is seemingly the most basic is definitely the most important - moral compass. It is always best to align what we do at work to who we are as responsible beings. 

* * * 

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