Advanced Distributor Management

By : Emilio "Bong" C. Macasaet III 

Distributor managers and specialists are the primary targets of this seminar.


Module 1. The Principal-Distributor Conflict:  Understanding Perspectives

Enter into the minds of the distributor. How do they perceive you and their business? What aspects in your relationship do they consider as critically important? Why are some of your goals and strategies misaligned? What are their key issues?  

  • 1. The Current Indirect Route-To-Market Models of Key Market Players

    • National Distributor

    • Mega Distributor

    •  Regional Distributor

    • Sub-Distributors

    • Wholesalers

    • E-Commerce

  • The Inherent Structural Difference in Principal-Distributor Relationship

  • How and Why Channel Conflicts Happen

  • The Nature, Sources and Uses of Power

  • The Need for Governance Strategies

  • Group Workshop and Presentation

Module 2: Governance Strategies:  Economic and Relational
How do you influence the distributor to collaborate? This module teaches different governance strategies and types of power the principal can use to influence the distributor to collaborate.

  • Key Issues in Achieving Collaborative Relationship

  • Governance Strategies of Key Market Players

  • Discussing Strategic Information: Internal and External

  • Why Distributors Don’t Share Information To Principals

  • What is a Governance Strategy?

  • Economic Governance (EG) Strategies

    • What is EG? Examples?

    • How it Influences Distributor To Cooperate

    • Reviewing Your Current EG Structures

    • Developing a Revised EG Structure

  • 7. Relational Governance (RG) Strategies

    • What is RG? Examples?

    • How it Influences Distributor To Cooperate

    • Reviewing Your Current RG Structures

    • Developing a Revised RG Structure

  • 8. Group Workshop and Presentation

Module 3: Financial Matters That Matter:  Capturing Value
How do our distributors really make money? What financial metrics are really important to them? How do you capture a sustainable value?

  • How Each Party View Capital Employed (CE)

    • Manufacturer/Supplier: Capital Expenditures (Capex)

    • Distributor: Net Working Capital (NWC)

  • How divergent performance and activity metrics hinder collaboration and optimal performance

    • Critical Financial Metrics for the Principal

    • Critical Financial Metrics for the Distributor

  • How Do You Align These Conflicting Metrics?

    • Supply Side Alignment

    • Demand Creation

  • Group Workshop and presentation


  1. Lectures and class participation

  2. Discussion of models and illustrative cases

  3. Group dynamics and presentations

  4. Group competition

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Partner and Chief  Channel Marketing Strategist 
  • Chairman and CEO of Field Partners Inc.

  • He is the author of the best-selling, Distributor Management, the first ever book on distributor management in the Philippine Market, 6 Steps To Effective Key Account Management and his most recent book, Fundamentals of Trade Marketing.

  • He brings with him very extensive and intensive corporate experiences gained from both local and multinational companies like Gillette, Nestle, L'Oreal, Metrolab and RFM Corporation where he was Vice President of Sales & Distribution division. 

  • He conducts various sales seminars, consulting, and training programs in most parts of Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

  • He obtained his MBA from Ateneo De Manila University and took his Doctor in Business Administration at De La Salle Graduate School of Business where he was a former MBA professor in Distribution Management. 

  • He attended an executive program on Marketing Channels at Kellogg School of Management and other special programs at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Singapore, and Burke Institute, USA

  • He is currently a professor of Marketing Management at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.