108th Marketing Strategy and Plans: Right to Win, Play to Win

By Josiah Go

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Josiah Go’s ‘Marketing Strategy and Plans’ is the longest-running marketing strategy seminar in the Philippines. On its 100th batch, it was totally reinvented with ALL NEW cases and a new title ‘Right to Win, Play to Win: The Best of Marketing Decision Making’. The Right to Win, Play to Win quadrant can help marketers, strategists, business owners and executives determine where they are, and what they can do.


Marketing Choice Architect:
Marketers should think like architects, designing a solid foundation first before hyping on a campaign. 
Marketing choice architecture, or carefully designed decision options in which marketers make choices, will be introduced in order to help marketers be updated and simplify their decision-making by using the right tools, criteria, templates, and frameworks as choice architects in formulating and executing the right marketing strategies and tactics to attain a three-way strategic win.

Carefully curated cases from 14 countries shall be shared generously: Philippines, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Korea, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, USA.

It is best to bring the entire team for immediate alignment. There is a team discount for immediate application of the learnings to their company’s situation for on-the-spot mentoring.

Key Topics

                  Topic 1: Right to Win vis-a-vis Play to Win Framework and Cases

                  • 3 types of Winning (10 Outcomes)

                  • 4 Quadrants of right to win - play to win in the marketplace:
                    - How not to grow, in order to grow again
                    - How to innovate a commodity product
                    - How to make strategic choice in the value chain
                    - How to convert crisis into opportunity
                    - Key lessons of winning and strategic moves

                  • 4 options to play in the marketplace

                  • Cases in toys, papers, app, and spreadable

                  Topic 2: The Right to Win

                  • Opportunity-Seeking Choice Architecture

                  • Thin slicing opportunity feasibility in 2 minutes

                  • Understanding Offering model: mitigating risk and selection criteria

                  • Practice Time

                  • Cases in biking, dressed chicken, retailing, apparel, co-working space, stroller, automotive, teleco industries

                  Topic 1: Understanding Customers Choice Architecture

                  • 2 “Legs” Framework

                  • Insighting iceberg

                  • 12 ways to find consumer insights

                  • Understanding the importance of chain of meaning

                  • Criteria for good insighting and real big idea: The Big Idea, The Big Story, The Big Emotions

                  • Cases in detergents, multi-vitamin direct sales, automobile, train & beer

                  Topic 2: Target Market

                  • Served or Unserved Market 

                  • 3 things wrong with traditional segmentation methods

                  • What our last Spain vacation taught me about target market and consumer choice

                  • Digital versus point of sale choices

                  • The latest market segmentation based on consumer decision making instead of traditional market segmentation methods

                  • 2 major segments to decide (today vs tomorrow), what traditional stratplan still doesn’t get!

                  • Practice Time

                  • Cases in resto, real estate, camera, retail, wine & semi-conductor

                  Topic 1: Choice

                  • How Consumers Decide

                  • Understanding consumer behavioral economics

                  • Understanding buying behavior (consumer vs. BTB). Tip: marketing mix does not directly influence consumer choice!

                  • 3 major biases of consumers

                  • 2 ways consumers cope in decision making (How consumers think)

                  • How emotions affect consumer choice

                  • 2 ways to persuade customers that can really increase sales

                  • Cases in cat food, barber shop, healthy food, ice cream, organ donation, orange juice, packaging, and spreads

                  Topic 2: Assembling The Company’s Offer

                  • Route of Value Proposition to Marketing Plan

                  • What is Value Proposition?

                  • 3 indispensable lessons on value proposition and customer relationship marketers can learn from marriage counsellors

                  • 3 steps to create compelling value proposition (with 9 ready menu options to choose from)

                  • 3 criteria of a compelling value proposition

                  • 3 tests if you have compelling value proposition

                  • Pricing Strategy
                    - 3 fundamentals about price
                    - 3 imperatives to price right
                    - 3 success strategies not to reduce price
                    - 3 secrets to handle price objections

                  • How to be more profitable even at lower prices

                  • Practice Time

                  • Cases in bottled water, blood test, consumer health, satellite TV, luxury bed, ice cream, airline, online and solar

                  Topic 1: Innovation

                  • Innovation Choice Architecture

                  • 2 elements of innovation

                  • Insighting to innovate

                  • 5 ways to innovate on demand

                  • Innovating in an omni channel (digital + retail) marketing trend 

                  • Cases in Japanese food, restaurants, café, and noodles

                  Topic 2: Competitive Marketing

                  • Performance audit: Evaluating and Redirecting your Marketing Strategy

                  • How to outsmart, outmaneuver your competition to win

                  • 4Ss to evaluate marketing strategy

                  • Practice Time

                  • Cases in shoes, bags, bed, trucks, chocolate, paint, automotive, toys, radio, food, supplement, insurance, water


                  “By applying the marketing knowledge we learned from regularly attending trainings by Mansmith & Fielders, we were able to grow the sales of Bioderm Family Soap 500% in five years. This, in a category that is growing by less than 5% a year. What’s more, our brand now has its own slice whenever a pie chart is presented to show market share. Whereas before, we were anonymously lumped under the slice called “others”. Thanks to Josiah. The one on one session with you was especially helpful!” – Stanley, VP, IPI Cebu

                  "I have gained new knowledge and insights on marketing - the right-to-win, play-to-win framework, decision-making, and execution. I will definitely attend more courses in the future."  – Dinah, Director of Marketing & Events Management, Philippine International Convention Center

                  "True master of his craft. Learned a lot from Josiah as always. Training is worth my time and money." – Connie, Marketing and Business Development Head, Distribution Solutions Phils., Inc.


                  Sept 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
                  9:00AM - 12:00PM

                  Who Should Attend

                  It is best to bring the entire team for immediate alignment. There is a team discount for immediate application of the learnings to their company’s situation for on-the-spot mentoring.


                  Lecture, Small Group Discussion, Reflection, Short AVP,  Q&A

                  Past attendee

                  Top Management (16.54%), Directors (9.45%), Managers (36.22%), Supervisors (17.32%), Marketing Assistants / Specialists (20.47%).

                  Targeted Competencies

                  Customer focus

                  Competitive audit

                  Execution excellence

                  Analytical thinking

                  Strategic thinking

                  Brand strategy

                  Marketing savvy




                  Josiah Go

                  Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist
                  • Record-breaking, bestselling author 19 books in marketing and entrepreneurship

                  • Chairman of Waters Philippines (the market leader in the direct selling of premium home water purifiers in the Philippines) and Chairman / Vice Chairman / Director of over a dozen companies (the most recent is an Independent Director at UnionBank of the Philippines).

                  • The most awarded business educator of the Philippines: one of the Agora Awardees in 1994, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines in 2001, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World in 2002 (the 1st and only Filipino in Business Education given by JCI International by far), and one of only two Lifetime Achievement Awardees by the Association of Marketing Educators (2007), the youngest marketing educator to be bestowed this honor. He was also given the Brand Leadership Award during the World Brand Congress in India (2009). His accomplishments was recognized by the international community where he has been included in the 10th edition of the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals (England).

                  • He is an Executive Scholar of the Kellogg Business School (in Marketing and Sales Management) as well as the MIT Sloan (in Strategy and Innovation).

                  • He also took advanced marketing programs at Wharton, Harvard and at the London Business School. 

                  Date & Time
                  September 25, 2023
                  Start - 9:00 AM
                  September 29, 2023
                  End - 12:00 PM Asia/Manila

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                  Josiah Go

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