11th Understanding Consumer Behavior and Psychology in Marketing

by Chiqui Escareal-Go

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How do consumers really make their buying decisions? Are there ways to anticipate or influence emotional and psychological levers that trigger a response or action?  

While access to information (therefore analysis, research and development) has become easier and faster, understanding consumer behavior that will secure marketing and sales targets or for that big insight remain challenging – we may know the what’s and the how much (or even the when’s)  in any transaction but not always the why’s which can suddenly shift and catch marketers off-guard.

Beyond the data and digital access that can predict trends and patterns, the 21st-century marketer, therefore, must also try to understand and be ready for the many nuances, irrationalities, inconsistencies, and surprises that can happen in any customer journey.

This course provides frameworks to help marketers understand the classic consumer buying behavior model using a behavioral psychology perspective in marketing.

Participants will:

  • Find new ways of understanding customers who might not be even aware of their own behaviors or desires

  • Be able to craft different experiments  and different ways of implementing marketing and sales ideas

  • Develop critical thinking skills while realizing occurrences at both macro and micro levels

  • Appreciate their own ways of learning, thinking and doing via better self-awareness and empathetic openness to each other’s differences.

The sending company will:

  • Benefit from the new ways their teams can produce new ideas and ways of executing their marketing and sales plans

  • Have more customer-centric teams who not just have better understanding but also new ways of communicating to their target customers to achieve desired results

  • Have a team with higher critical thinking approaches to solving marketing and sales problems 

PROGRAM OVERVIEW                                                                               

This course looks into how consumer beliefs influence choices or decisions using behavioral theories and concepts can be used in formulating marketing, sales and implementation plans, product/service or user design, among others, to provoke customers to make decisions toward desired actions and behaviors - something the marketing tasks of awareness, availability, trial and repeat purchase are already trying to do.  This process is done with an awareness of consumer psychological risk-taking and biases and a scientific design for experimentation.

There are over 40 behavioral concepts to be discussed in 3 sessions, to give participants new ways of looking at things and new ideas to try to influence or “nudge” one’s target market to make decisions in a faster or easier way.


  • Beliefs, Memories, and Perceptions

  • Choice Environment and Heuristics

  • The Process of Experimentation

  • 6 Steps to Operationalize BE in your Company

  • A/B Testing Methods and cases

Module 3: Nudge for good
  • The ethics behind nudging

  • Using BE for Change: Influencing for positive action

  • Airline

  • Appliance

  • Automotives

  • Banks

  • Detergent

  • Dining

  • Education

  • Finance

  • FMCG

  • Food and Beverage

  • Furniture

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare

  • Hotel

  • Investment

  • Mattress

  • Media

  • Military

  • Non-profit

  • Pet stores

  • Print

  • Restaurant

  • Social Media

  • Supermarket

  • Tobacco

  • Technology

  • Watches


July 10, 11, & 12, 2024
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Past Attendees

Top Management (6.67%)
Directors (13.33%)
Managers (33%)
Supervisors (20%)
Support Team (27%) 


Besides the lectures with case examples and AVPs, there will be class discussions and workshops, for immediate application.

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for marketers of all levels who need new lenses in crafting ideas to increase sales, to make things happen for the consumer and the brand.  

Targeted Competencies

Consumer Behavior
Supply and Demand
Adaptive Planning
Critical Thinking

        Chiqui Escareal-Go

        CEO and Chief Behavioral Strategist
        • Author/Co-author/editor of 9 marketing and entrepreneurship books

        • Former Chair of the Women’s Business Council Philippines

        • Finished the Advanced Management Program 2018 (IESE Business School New York and Barcelona)

        • Executive Scholar in Marketing and Sales (Kellogg Business School, Northwestern University)

        • Took advanced marketing programs at Columbia Business School (CEIBS campus), Harvard Business School, University of California-Berkeley

        • Certified Master Coach (by the Behavioral Coaching Institute) and Certified Appreciative Inquiry Training Facilitator (by Company of Experts USA)

        • Go Negosyo Enabler Awardee 2014; ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network Awardee 2015

        • Finished M.A. in Anthropology, University of the Philippines

        • Board Trustee of University of St. La Salle and St. Joseph School La Salle 

        Date & Time
        July 10, 2024
        Start - 2:00 PM
        July 12, 2024
        End - 5:00 PM Asia/Manila

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        --Live via Zoom--

        Chiqui Escareal-Go

        --Chiqui Escareal-Go--

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