2nd Mansmith B2B Summit: The B2B Growth Accelerator: Strategies for Expansion and Success

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Session 1: Forward Together: B2B Market Challenges and Collaborative Outlook

Understanding market dynamics and collaborating with others are essential for success in the challenging world of B2B trade. Our conference's opening session encourages you to learn more about the crucial topic of the B2B market perspective for the foreseeable future, with a special emphasis on the energy industry and the real estate market.

This session, led by thought leaders in the industry, provides attendees with a deeper grasp of the nuances of the market through a data-rich analysis of current trends and problems. By analyzing these trends, we hope to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully negotiate the difficult B2B market environment.

Our conversations cover how these market trends may affect strategic planning and every-day choices made by executives and salespeople. Our emphasis on a cooperative attitude emphasizes the value of alliances and group solutions as we collaboratively address the issues.

In this session, we'll examine the new trends and best practices that are altering logistics and backend support tactics. We want to provide you a thorough knowledge of how these functions affect overall operations by breaking down their complexities.

Our discussions will focus on the frequently neglected skills that can be used as strategic assets to gain an advantage over competitors. Discover how improving backend assistance and logistics may boost client satisfaction, which can help you in your work as an executive or salesperson in the B2B sphere.

Get ready to see the crucial backend processes that underpin B2B greatness from a new angle. We want you to leave our workshop with new perspectives that could change the way you think about backend support and logistics, improving efficiency and putting the client first.

In this session, you investigate the complex world of customer relationship management and discover the tried-and-true methods that produce the best results.

The session, however, doesn't end there; it continues on to the future of B2B account management. Learn about new techniques and tactics that could give you a significant competitive advantage. You will learn things as a B2B executive or salesman that will change the way you think about performance that is focused on the needs of the client.

Come to Session 3 to discover the power of sophisticated B2B account abilities. Be prepared to leave with a toolset of techniques that can improve client satisfaction, boost performance, and advance your position in the dynamic B2B landscape.

In Session 4, you're invited to step into the future of B2B sales and marketing, where technology and innovation are reshaping tactics and results. In "Revolutionizing B2B Sales and Marketing," we explore the most recent technological advancements that could strengthen your efforts and improve your outcomes.

This session reveals the tools that are altering the landscape of B2B business, from AI-driven insights to the revolutionary potential of blockchain. By analyzing the effects of these new technologies, we hope to provide you a better knowledge of how to take advantage of their potential for increased success.

Our conversations go beyond technology alone. We look at how collaboration, facilitated by these innovative tools, can hasten decision-making and give an advantage to early adopters. You'll learn how these advancements can spur speedier, more strategic business choices as an executive or salesperson in the changing B2B environment.


October 18, 2023

9AM - 4PM (GMT +8)


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Date & Time
October 18, 2023
9:00 AM 4:00 PM Asia/Manila

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--Live via Zoom--

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