3rd Superior Sales Fundamentals 2.0

By Ronnie Traballo

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Brief Summary: The course offers timeless skills for front liners and immediate sales  supervisors to lead, manage and handle customers in various face to face  sales situations. These are MUST skills for any successful sales personnel.


  • Despite technological advancements, this course underscores the enduring importance of fundamental selling skills, applicable in both B2C and B2B settings.

  • Equips frontliners with essential skills using a science-based, 3-step approach, ensuring a solid foundation for managing customers effectively and closing sales.

  • Recognizing that a successful sales career begins with the right foundation, the course is tailored to empower participants for success in various face-to-face sales situations.


  • Developed from the speaker's extensive B2B and B2C experiences, the course integrates real-life workshops, providing practical insights for immediate application.

  • Leveraging the speaker's career journey from general trade to modern trade channels across Southeast Asia, the course uniquely combines B2B and B2C perspectives.

  • With training sessions conducted in 12 Asian countries, the course draws from a broad spectrum of experiences, making it a globally relevant resource for sales professionals.


  • The speaker's rise from field sales in general trade to managing B2B and B2C channels across Southeast Asia lends credibility to the course content.

  • Conducting training sessions in 12 Asian countries underscores the speaker's practical understanding of diverse markets and cultural nuances in sales.The speaker's career trajectory, expanding from a field sales rank to overseeing sales in various regions, reflects the practical knowledge participants can gain from the course.

Key Benefits to Participants:

  • Equip sales personnel with indispensable skills to navigate and manage challenging customer interactions, ensuring they meet sales objectives and advance their careers.

  • Foster greater confidence in handling diverse face-to-face sales situations through a comprehensive understanding of the sales process.

  • Provide a launchpad for sales personnel, offering timeless skills that are essential for career growth and success.

Key Benefits to Companies:

  • Implementing the USC (Understand, Sell, Close) framework will lead to sustainable sales growth, ensuring long-term success for the company.

  • Maximize the productivity of sales personnel by equipping them with fundamental skills, resulting in more effective customer management and sales closure.

  • Emphasis on after-sales servicing ensures that sales are not just closed but sustained and upgraded, contributing to overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • 3 modules focusing on the 3 step sales process

  • USC - Understand, Sell and Close 

  • Overview of Sales Framework 

  • Keys to Understanding your Customers

                - Face to Face Communication Process 

                - Account Penetration 

  • Keys to Selling to your customers

  • Situational to Persuasive Selling 

  • Keys to Closing the sale 

                - How to handle objections 

                - Techniques in closing the sale 

                - After sales servicing to sustain and upgrade sales


July 2, 3, 4, & 5, 2024

2:30PM to 5:30PM

Who Should Attend

Frontline Sales-personnel


Four (4) half-day sessions (each session runs for 3.0-3.5 hours) of synchronous learning.


Ronnie Traballo

Chief Sales Strategist
  • Ex P&G for 5 years handling both key accounts and distributors

  • Successful track record in sales, business development, and marketing

  • One of the few marketers who understand both FMCG and B2B

  • Owns award-winning businesses and did world-class projects in the Philippines and abroad 

  • a graduate of UP Diliman

  • businesses spanning across 4 countries; Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Korea

Date & Time
July 2, 2024
Start - 2:30 PM
July 5, 2024
End - 5:30 PM Asia/Manila

Live via Zoom

--Live via Zoom--
--Live via Zoom--

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