4th Mansmith Brand Summit

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Explore how to develop a winning brand marketing strategy from 6 industry leaders to establish a strong identity that connects with your customers.

Today, marketing professionals face an increasing amount of data with a goal to optimize strategies for delivering revenue growth.

Through 6 strategic sessions, the insights shared by the speakers are designed to make marketers feel more at ease in making smarter branding decisions.

The Key Sessions are as follows:

1. Developing a winning brand marketing strategy: Aligning brand identity, and creative executions with the needs and wants of consumers.

By: Crismer Tiria, Head of Marketing for Johnson’s Baby, Johnson and Johnson

2. Crafting a winning point-of purchase marketing strategy: Developing a shopper marketing plan that aligns with brand objectives, and employs effective tactics.

By:  Tin Venturina, Director for Shopper Marketing and Insighting, Unilab

3. Leveraging digital and social media channels: Using a variety of online tools and platforms to build brand awareness, engagement and loyalty.

By: Albet Buddahim, Chief Marketing Officer, Primer Group

4. Optimizing channels for reaching your target market: Ensuring products are accessible, and appealing at the point of sale.

By: Oscar Villamora, Managing Director, URC

5. Measuring the effectiveness of pull and push marketing: Using data to analyze and evaluate and redirect campaigns.

By: Bea Joson, Deodorants Lead for Southeast Asia, Unilever

6. Integrating pull and push marketing: Finding synergies and opportunities for collaboration between brand and trade marketing strategies.

By: Carlo Endaya, Head of Marine Marketing, Century Pacific

Date & Time
July 5, 2023
Start - 1:00 PM
July 6, 2023
End - 5:30 PM Asia/Manila

Live via Zoom

--Live via Zoom--
--Live via Zoom--

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