8 Pillars of Revenue and Profit

By Josiah Go

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Are you seeking new perspective or aiming to inspire your team to think creatively about how else to raise revenue and profit? Attend Josiah Go’s 8 Pillars to Revenue and Profit this Jan 25, 2024 or ask him to deliver it to your entire team, it’s the only course of its kind in the Philippines.

Benefits to the Company

  • Identify specific opportunities that can help create greater value for both the customers and your company

  • Integrate growth strategy from both the marketing side and/or the finance side

Benefits to the Participants: 

  • Be inspired with local and international cases that can help you apply learnings in your own business or brand situation

  • Systematize route to unearthing profit potential

Key Topics

                                      Introduction: From finance to marketing focus to expand the concept of profitability. 

                                      Module 1:

                                      How to Increase Sales Volume 

                                      • Maximizing lifetime value: Which type of customer loyalty are you going after

                                      • Route to increase usage: Which of two types of usage can create magic to your essence

                                      • Market-Driven Strategy: Which type of brand switchers will benefit you most

                                      • Market-Driving Strategy: Which of the four types of new users and two types of extended users can really add value

                                      Module 2:  How to Increase Margin

                                      • Route using pricing cue: How to communicate value

                                      • Route using category management: Learning from a different industry: From product to service

                                      • Route how to cut cost without cutting corners: How to determine which cost to cut

                                      • Route to improve asset utilization: How to reinvent your company

                                      Open Q&A / Consultation

                                      Cases from the following Industries

                                      Café, Appliances, Service Repair, Sauce, Spa, Supermarket, Travel, Ice Cream, Financial Services, Hotel, Heavy Equipment, FMCG, App, Fitness center, Tech and many more. 

                                      Cases from the following situations 

                                      • Innovative options when you are stuck with your revenue model

                                      • Branding a repair service with revenue stickiness

                                      • Reinforcing an incentive with a Behavioral nudge to accelerate customer’s usage 

                                      • Creating a new service category within a service category

                                      • Decoding 8 types of potential customers and why they don’t buy your offer

                                      • How less becomes more

                                      • Solution to a premortem if competition will box you out 

                                      • Making it hard for competition to response by reinventing brand switching tactics

                                      • Focusing as expert of a niche 

                                      • Learning from other industries

                                      • How to upsell in a subscription revenue model

                                      • Being data-driven to avoid waste in promotions

                                      • Challenging assumptions what customers value

                                      • Converting cost into major revenue and profit contributor

                                      • Putting it all together in your business model’s building blocks


                                      January 25, 2024
                                      2:30PM - 5:30PM

                                      Who Should Attend

                                      Past participants include heads of functional areas such as marketing, sales, finance, strategic planning, OD, operation, and their team members.  Individual participants like entrepreneurs are also welcome. 


                                      Josiah Go

                                      Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist

                                      Josiah Go is the Chair and Chief Innovation Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc., previously awarded for innovation excellence by the ASEAN Business Awards in a 10-country competition. He has been responsible developing numerous innovative products, services, and business models. Additionally, he is  an executive scholar of Kellogg Business School specializing in marketing and sales, and from MIT Sloan in innovation and strategy. For the past 9 years, he writes a business Q&A for the Inquirer.

                                      Josiah is a record-breaking, best-selling author of 19 books on marketing and entrepreneurship. He is also recognized at the most awarded business educator in the Philippines. He currently serves as an independent director on the board of UnionBank of the Philippines.

                                      Date & Time
                                      January 25, 2024
                                      2:30 PM 5:30 PM Asia/Manila

                                      Live via Zoom

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                                      --Live via Zoom--

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