8th Strategic Sales Planning: A Data-Driven Approach Sales Planning

by Emilio Macasaet III

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In the contemporary landscape of sales, the integration of data analytics into strategic sales planning is paramount. This training module is tailored for sales professionals eager to incorporate effective data analytics and discovery techniques. Transition from traditional intuition-based strategies to modern, data-driven methodologies, and enhance your capability to frame problems, develop hypotheses, and derive actionable insights that elevate sales outcomes.

By the end of this module, participants will not only appreciate the transformative power of data in shaping sales strategies but also possess the practical skills to apply these insights in real-world scenarios. Join us on this enlightening journey and redefine the future of your sales endeavors.

Data analytics in strategic sales planning outpaces traditional methods, delivering unparalleled insights. This allows businesses to anticipate consumer needs, refine sales strategies, and thrive in our data-centric world.

Our approach to strategic sales planning breaks the mold. While a bulk of the existing sales planning techniques remains tethered to basic descriptive analytics, we delve deeper, revealing the rich insights that are crucial for shaping high-impact sales strategies. Our methods are not just an upgrade; they represent a paradigm shift in how sales planning should be approached.

Why you should learn from us? 

Participants will gain from the facilitator's deep expertise in data analytics and his collaborations with top data scientists. The seminar goes beyond theory, highlighting real analytical projects the facilitator led for major firms. These case studies showcase the power of data analytics in sales planning, linking theory to real-world applications.


In this module, attendees will learn about the four main kinds of data analytics. They'll also get tips on what questions to ask when analyzing, how to make sense of the data, and which tools are best for them.

Key Topics:

  • The Strategic Sales Planning Model

  • Evolution of Sales Strategies: From Intuition to Data-Driven

  • Types of data analytics and insighting process (+illustrative cases)

  • The critical thinking process

  • Eleven ways to balance structured analysis and exploratory data analysis

  • Power questions  to ask in descriptive and diagnostic analysis

  • Analyzing the "pirate metrics"

  • Tools and software for sales analytics

  • Case examples and Group workshop

This module, attendees will learn the difference between a sales strategy and a simple sales plan using the "WHERE TO PLAY" and "HOW TO WIN" approach. They'll also get tools and examples to help pick the best strategies and share them with their sales team and others.  

Key Topics:

  • Crafting Your Winning Aspiration (+Examples)

  • Strategy as a Choice: Where To Play, How To Win

  • Steps in Creating a Winning Sales Strategy 

  • How to Clarify and Cascade the Strategy

  • Case Examples and Group Workshop

TOPIC 3: How to Identify & Solve the Main Problem

In this module, attendees will learn ways and tools to pinpoint and describe the main sales issue. They'll also learn how to come up with potential solutions and check if they work.

Key Topics:

  • Problem Framing Defines Solution Space

  • How to Test Your Problem Statement

  • The TOSCA Framework: How to Structure the Problem Statement 

  • How to use the Hypothesis-Driven Approach When Crafting a Solution

  • Models to Test Your Candidate Solution: MECE 3Cs

  • Case Examples and Group Workshop


    November 7, 8, 13, 15

    9:00AM - 12:00NN


Four (4) Half-days Synchronous Online sessions: Includes lectures (all participants will get a handout in pdf copy), Q&A, breakout group discussions / plenary presentations. Each session lasts for 3.0 hours.

Emilio Macasaet III

Chief Channel Marketing Strategist

Emilio “Bong” Macasaet is the author of the best-selling, Distributor Management: Winning Tools in Managing Distributors as Partners, the first ever book on distributor management in the Philippine Market, 6 Steps To Effective Key Account Management, and the newly launched book, Fundamentals of Trade Marketing.

He brings with him very extensive and intensive corporate experiences gained from both local and multinational companies like Gillette, Nestle, L'Oreal, Metrolab and RFM Corporation where he was Vice President of Sales & Distribution division.

He conducts various sales seminars, consulting, and training programs in most parts of Asia-Pacific and Middle East. He obtained his MBA from Ateneo De Manila University and took his Doctor in Business Administration at De La Salle Graduate School of Business where he was a former MBA professor in Distribution Management.

Bong also attended an executive program on Marketing Channels at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Chicago; and other special programs at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Singapore, and Burke Institute, USA.

He partly writes a column in Business World newspaper and is currently a professor in marketing management at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB).

Date & Time
November 7, 2023
Start - 9:00 AM
November 15, 2023
End - 12:00 PM Asia/Manila

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--Live via Zoom--

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