Science of Hunter Selling

By Rowen Untivero

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This Science of Hunter Selling capsulized integrated course provides a rare opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of each of these 5 seminars on this track. Together they provide a very holistic understanding and overview of hunter selling essentials.  Enroll now to acquire original frameworks, processes and methods developed and updated by Mansmith Partner and Chief Sales Strategist Rowen Untivero. 

Key Topics

Hunters that run our of leads are out of the game early. Others burn leads and also run out. This mini-course provides framework and strategies to play the hunter selling game throughout one’s lifetime. 

Amateurs try to jump the gun and attempt meeting clients only to fail in getting the appointment or at perform badly during the client meeting losing precious closeable opportunities. In this mini-course, learn how to use combined methods of pre-encounter research and profiling critical to setting up closeable deals.

The popular and inefficient number game at getting appointments is the number one cause of dangerous phenomena such as client calcification (hardened resistance)  and burned leads (wasted closeable opportunities). Learn the framework, process and proper principles to maximize leads-to-appointment conversions.

The only substitute to strategy and preparation is the acceptance of a high probability of failure. Here in this mini-course, a systematic approach to meeting preparation is laid down to raise the chances of securing client alignment during  the meeting execution.

The amateurish approach is to use meetings largely to present products, services and solutions. Knowledge is power, right? In turn knowledge is comprised of information and information is what comprises a presentation. Therefore, after one presents information to the client, knowledge gets transferred and likewise so does power. Think about it, after giving up the power to decide to the client, the game has changed from selling to hoping. One might as well just gamble! Learn from this mini-course how not to give away power and thereby continue to control the selling process all the way till the end.

As the 5 capsulized courses are components of Hunter Selling, it is important to be able to put them all together.


July 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16
at 10:00am-12:00nn

Who Should Attend

Real estate agents, life insurance agents, direct sellers, ANY sales person who sells outbound and directly to clients, Entrepreneurs;  Sales Leaders, HR/Learning and Development Managers/Officers and Support Staff who would benefit understanding the roles and competencies of their salespeople; other enrollees with intent to appreciate the holistic view are also welcome. 


Lecture-discussions, Real-stories, Mini-workshops, Assignments, Q&A.


Rowen Untivero

Partner and Chief Sales Strategist

Rowen Paul Untivero is a veteran of Training, Coaching and Consulting for a quarter of a century and with almost 3 decades of successful sales, buying and negotiation practice, injector of science in the fields of selling, negotiation, sales management, business-to-business marketing as well as management in general via his original framework, processes and tools. He has contributed much science to business as the pioneering developer of the world’s first mathematics of negotiation, the strategic nego-mapping methodology, reading and projecting verbals and tones over the phone or to include body language when face to face, as well as systematic account development strategies, tools in a business-to-business setting,  sales management framework, simplified problem solving, effective coordination, the 4 modes of management, conflict resolution, problem solving, effective coordination and smoothen communication in organizations and many more. He provides a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to that of the front-liner and staff member and has had exposure in almost every industry. He graduated Cum Laude at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, with a bachelor’s degree in BS Economics, a pinned member of two prestigious international honor societies: Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society and Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society for Social Sciences; supplemented by MBA studies in De La Salle University, an Executive Education Program on Strategic Business Leadership from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business-Illinois, USA, and the attendance to numerous seminars and conferences in sales, marketing, management, and leadership. Rowen is a valuable combination of being a training master, a seasoned and successful practitioner of marketing, sales and general management, an educator, a co-author, a columnist and a consultant. As a Senior Consultant and Partner in Mansmith & Fielders, Inc. apart from public seminars he has conducted, he has also been engaged in various training and consulting programs, for diverse clientele. He was Country Manager for Alcatel Mobile Phones, before moving to entrepreneurship. He is currently the Founding Director of DigiPost Marketing Inc., a narrowcasting media pioneer dealing with digital display advertising, the President of Privilege Z!, and also the Chairman & CEO of Connecting Mavens, the business development arm of the Mansmith Group.As an educator, he has taught marketing and sales subjects in Ateneo de Manila University and St. Scholastica’s College. He has been sought as speaker for numerous conventions and conferences of varied industries as well as the academe. Rowen has also been director of the boards of the Advertising Board of the Philippines (ADBOARD) and Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). He also became a trustee for the PANA Foundation. He was also twice Vice President of the Philippine Marketing.

Date & Time
July 5, 2021
Start - 10:00 AM
July 16, 2021
End - 12:00 PM Asia/Manila

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--Live via Zoom--

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