Key Account Management

Fundamentals of Key Account Management [BASIC]

By : Emilio "Bong" C. Macasaet III 

This program teaches participants fundamental principles in managing a key account better than competitors. A largely workshop-based program where participants learn how to immediately apply frameworks, tools, and illustrative cases to their respective environments.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand fundamental concepts and practices in key account management;

  2. Use tools to develop a basic key account plan; and

  3. Learn structured procedures in selling, negotiating and building account relationships.

Module 1: Introduction to Key Account Management

  1. Definitions: Who is a Key Account? What is Key Account Management?

  2. Purpose: Why the need for Key Account Management.

  3. Framework: The Key Account Management variables.

  4. Competencies: Required Knowledge and Skills of a Key Account Specialist.

  5. Spectrum: Key Account Management Journey and Types of Relationships.

  6. Group Workshop

Module 2: Preparations: Understanding the Terrain

  1. Understanding the Customer’s Business, Environment and Challenges

    1. Customer’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, Positioning

    2. Supply & Demand Strategies for Profit

    3. Operating Hierarchy: Who Decides on What

    4. What they Negotiate and Why: What You Can Do.

       2. Capturing and Learning: Key Account’s Information and Insights

       3. Group Workshop

Module 3: Key Account Engagement: Winning With Customers

  1. Eight (8) Rules of Engagement in Key Account Management

  2. Setting Priorities: Developing Your Basic Account Plan

  3. Presenting The Plan: 5-Step Presentation Procedures

  4. Negotiating: Basic Negotiation Strategies and Tactics

  5. Meeting Tools: Templates, Forms, Technology

  6. Building Relationship: Key Account Penetration Strategies

  7. Group Workshops:

    1. Account Planning

    2. Simulation: Selling the Plan (role play)

Module 4: A Peek To The Next Level: Advanced Key Account Management

  1. Focusing: Key Account Analysis and Segmentation Approaches

  2. Value-Creation Strategies: Transactional To Business Alliance

  3. Data Analytics: Metrics to Explain and Predict Performance

  4. Financial Management: Driving Sales & Profits

  5. Advanced Negotiation Strategies & Tactics

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              EMILIO MACASAET III 
              Partner and Chief  Channel Marketing Strategist 
              • Chairman and CEO of Field Partners Inc.

              • He is the author of the best-selling, Distributor Management, the first ever book on distributor management in the Philippine Market, 6 Steps To Effective Key Account Management and his most recent book, Fundamentals of Trade Marketing.

              • He brings with him very extensive and intensive corporate experiences gained from both local and multinational companies like Gillette, Nestle, L'Oreal, Metrolab and RFM Corporation where he was Vice President of Sales & Distribution division. 

              • He conducts various sales seminars, consulting, and training programs in most parts of Asia-Pacific and Middle East.

              • He obtained his MBA from Ateneo De Manila University and took his Doctor in Business Administration at De La Salle Graduate School of Business where he was a former MBA professor in Distribution Management. 

              • He attended an executive program on Marketing Channels at Kellogg School of Management and other special programs at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Singapore, and Burke Institute, USA

              • He is currently a professor of Marketing Management at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.