Market Understanding

Strategic Marketing: 24 MBA Analytical Tools [INTERMEDIATE]

By : Chiqui Escareal-Go 

A high-intensity seminar on understanding the 24 MBA analytical tools for strategy formulation and execution.  


  • Understanding business frameworks taught in post-graduate schools in 2 days 

  • Ability to interact with like-minded individuals in thinking systematically   


  • Common competencies in strategic thinking among managers and staff assigned to handle or support the brand, the company’s most important asset 

  • Highly effective and educated associates capable of growing the business via methodical market diagnosis 

Every Brand, Sales and Strategy Practitioner  

Module 1: How Does Your Industry Work? 

  • Analytical Tool 1: Logic of Industry 

  • Analytical Tool 2: Five Forces of Industry Analysis 

Module 2: How Does Your Business Operate and Make Money? 

  • Analytical Tool 3: Generic Strategy 

  • Analytical Tool 4: Product-Market Opportunity Matrix 

  •  Analytical Tool 5: Value Chain Analysis 

  • Analytical Tool 6: PMS Map 

  • Analytical Tool 7: Strategic Focus 

  • Analytical Tool 8: Decision Tree (product/service vs. retail) 

  • Analytical Tool 9: Margin-Return Profitability Matrix 

  • Analytical Tool 10: 7S’s Strategy Framework    

Module 3: How Do Your Competitors Think? 

  • Analytical Tool 11: Competitor’s Assumption 

  • Analytical Tool 12: Competitor’s Most Probable Scenario (MPS) 

  • Analytical Tool 13: Level of Competitive Destructive Weapon          

Module 4: How Does Consumer and Customer Get Satisfaction? 

  • Analytical Tool 14: Consumer Behavior Model 

  • Analytical Tool 15: Customer Lifetime Value 

  • Analytical Tool 16: Yin-Yang Channel Needs 

  • Analytical Tool 17: Customer Typology Matrix 

Module 5: How Can You Reinvent Your Strategy? 

  • Analytical Tool 18: Market-Driving Strategy Matrix 

  • Analytical Tool 19: Business Model Map 

  • Analytical Tool 20: The Delta Model   

Module 6: How Does Selected Analytical Tools Compare? 

  • Analytical Tool 21: Product Portfolio Analysis 

  • Analytical Tool 22: Buyer Utility Map 

  • Analytical Tool 23: Blue Ocean Strategy’s 4-Action Framework 

  • Analytical Tool 24: 5 Dimension of Strategy Planning

Generous number of case examples from the following industries will be cited  (subject to change without prior notice):   

  • Agriculture 

  • Baby products 

  • Banking 

  • Beauty care 

  • Beer 

  • Calculators 

  • Cinema 

  • Coffee 

  • Computers 

  • Consumer durable 

  • Fast food 

  • Feeds 

  • Food 

  • Ice Cream 

  • Intimate Wash 

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Pizza 

  • Recruitment

  • Soap 

  • Soft drinks 

  • School 

  • Supermarket 

  • Telecom 

  • Training 

  • Water purifiers 


CEO and Chief Behavioral Strategist   

  • Co-author/editor of 9 marketing and entrepreneurship books

  • Former Chair of the Women’s Business Council PH

  • Finished the 1-year Advanced Management Program (IESE Business School New York and Barcelona)

  • Executive Scholar in Marketing and Sales (Kellogg Business School)

  • Took advanced marketing programs at Columbia Business School (Ceibs campus), Harvard Business School, University of California-Berkeley, IESE (New York)

  • Certified Master Coach (by the Behavioral Coaching Institute) and Certified A.I. Training Facilitator (by Company of Experts USA)

  • One of the Top Filipina Entrepreneurs 2011 (Trailblazer category)

  • Go Negosyo Enabler Awardee 2014; ASEAN Women Network Awardee 2015

  • Has an M.A. in Anthropology, University of the Philippines (thesis pending)