By : Gary Carandang 

Many companies may have the best sales strategies but still fail to deliver the best results because of poor sales execution and evaluation. This course teaches participants how to identify sales execution gaps, and how to use a practical and step by step framework for flawless sales execution.    

This course employs the Sales Execution Framework to organize and define the key elements of the sales execution process. This also allows a simple and pragmatic way to approach sales execution.

At the end of the training seminar, the participants should be able to identify their sales execution issues and be able to identify key actions to mitigate them.


  • Provide a practical guide and develop skills necessary in ensuring sales strategies are executed flawlessly. Increases their capability to achieve their sales objectives.


  • Increases the certainty of achieving business results through the effective management of executing its sales strategies.


Module 1: Introduction

  • What is execution?

  • Interrelationships of Strategy, Execution and Leadership and Culture

  • Why most execution fail?

Module 2:  The Sales Execution Process – a simple and pragmatic approach

Build the Sales Plan

  • Setting sales priorities from chosen strategies

  • Translating priorities to sales goals and target

  • Components of the Sales Plan

Execute the Sales Plan – implementing the Sales Plan

  • Organizing the sales team and tasks

  • Prioritizing and allocating sales resources

  • Sales analytics for better decision making

  • Sales support management systems

Keep the Sales Plan on Track – a structured process to know whether you are winning or not

  • Developing the sales metrics

  • Sales Review process (monitor and review)

  • Correction or improvement to the plan

  • Communicating to the sales team

Performance Management – Motivating the Sales Team

  • Sales Incentives, Rewards and Recognition

  • Performance Management system

  • Sales Training and Capability Development

  • Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Sales Coaching and Development

  • People Mobility

Module 3:  Leadership and Culture: Towards A Sustainable Execution

  • Leadership – leadership essentials in execution

  • Culture – creating a culture of disciplined execution

Module 4: Workshop on Sales Execution Gaps and Action Planning

Module 5:  Realities in Sales Strategy Execution

  • Key challenges to sales execution

  • Key approaches to overcoming challenges


  • Sales Managers who are involved in formulating and evaluating execution of strategies.


Mansmith Guest Speaker

  • He is a seasoned leader with 30 years of solid track record and experience in multinational companies  such as Nestle, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Coca Cola, La Farge, CRH (Republic Cement) and Pepsi Cola.

  • He has worked in cross cultural environments having been expatriated in Thailand and Switzerland. He also had the opportunity in joining mission assignments across South East Asian countries. He has worked in Nestle, MeadJohnsonNutrition, Coca Cola, La Farge, CRH (Republic Cement) and Pepsi Cola. 

  • His critical work experiences in the commercial roles he had, span in the areas of Field Sales Management; Key Accounts Management; Distributor Management; Route to Market Development; Sales Operations Management; B2B Customer Management; Channel, Customer and Category Development; Marketing Management; Shopper and Trade Marketing; Sales Force Organizational Development; Strategic Planning; Project Management; Business Development; Business Transformation and Change Management; Labor Relations; Sales and Operations Planning; P&L Financial Management and General Management. 

  • He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics Degree from the University of the Philippines in Los Baños. He is also an alumnus of the INSEAD Business School having attended the Advanced Management Program. 

  • He specializes in the areas of General Management, Commercial and Operations Integration, with emphasis on Leadership and Team Development and Strategy Execution for Leaders, Teams and Business  Organizations