Marketing Strategy

Driving Loyalty and Repeat Purchase

By : Albet Buddahim

Learn how to build and leverage your current customer’s database in this digital age of disruption, where barriers to play and compete in the marketplace are low.

This workshop aims to provide the participants the skills needed in building a  personalized, privileged, mutual, long term  and  omni-channel relationship  with their current customers to drive engagement and conversion, then develop long-term preference to their brands in order to generate  profitable growth.

  • Part 1 will provide the Fundamentals and equip the participants with the Basic understanding from the Why (Business Case) build a CRM; to What (Business Model) to build; and how to run a CRM (program management).

  • Part 2 will equip further the participants of CRM Best Practices with a clear understanding of the Prerequisites (i.e. Philippines Laws) and given a chance to create their own CRM program with free consultation with industry experts.


  • Possess the ability to Plan and Build a CRM Program with triggers based on consumer journeys, brand and product events, personalized content with some best practices on emails management including mobile design.

  • Learn how to Evaluate and Identify which CRM Solution is appropriate for your business, by looking into different aspects from customer database to take into consideration (e.g. completeness, correctness, availability); to some best practices to support data quality enhancement on all touchpoints.

  • Strengthen your CRM Program Understanding by learning from concrete examples on the analyses that can be performed to optimize your CRM targeting and personalization from the basic (geo, demo, psycho segmentation) to the most advanced analyses (predictive and prescriptive personalized recommendations).

  • Reduce Risk by understanding the prerequisites that need to be applied regarding consumer data collection, storage and usage within the CRM activities.


  • Increased Competency of your Marketing/Brand team in how to do cross channel Consumer Relationship Management, with clear business objectives and how the program can drive Repeat Purchase and Loyalty from current customers

  • Get detailed and actionable elements from the participants you will send; from defining your business CRM data strategy to how to acquire data through organic methods (web, store, consumer care…) and paid methods (search, etc.).

  • Re-apply the best CRM Practices from 10 industries for Company’s growth with key performance indicators to monitor when doing CRM (Database KPIs, Campaigns KPIs, Purchase KPIs) and the methodologies to be able to measure the actual Performance of your CRM activities whether on direct channels or indirect channels.


Module 1. Introduction and Guiding Principles of CRM

  • Retailer and competitors landscape

  • Operation Brand Love

  • Introducing CLTV (Customer LifeTime Value) as a KRA

Module 2. CRM Maturity Levels

  • Non-Existent

  • Initial / Ad-Hoc

  • Repeatable, not Intuitive

  • Defined Process

  • Managed and Measurable

  • Optimized

Module 3. CRM Architecture

  • Strategy

  • Structure | Loyalty framework

  • Process

    • Align systems with goals and strategy

    • Consolidate customer data

    • Segment Customers

    • Personalize Customer Interactions

    • Re-evaluate and re-calibrate CRM Strategy

Module 4. CRM Cycle

  • Catch

  • Connect

  • Convert

  • Continue

  • Interact and Deliver

  • Acquire and Retain

  • Understand and Differentiate

  • Develop and Customize

  • Cross-sell and Upsell

Module 5. CRM Program Management

  • Business Case | Reasons to launch Loyalty programs

  • Strategic Design | framework “experience/journey”

  • Business Maturity Assessment

  • Business Model

  • Multi-brand CRM programs

Module 6. CRM Implementation Best Practices

  • 12 Successful Loyalty principles

  • Loyalty Communications

  • Data Acquisition and Data Enrichment by Channel

  • Cost and budget analysis

  • Sample Yearly Activation Plan

  • Sample Launch Plan

Module 7. CRM Prerequisites: Data Privacy, Ethics, Security

  • Data Governance

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Quality Management

  • Data Privacy and Security

  • Fishing rules

  • Corporate Ethics

Integrating Exercise: Building a CRM Program

Learn from Case Studies across the following Categories:
Airline - Automobile – Banking – Beauty – Bookstore – Coffee Shop – Conglomerate – Credit Card – Entertainment – Hotels – Multi-Level Marketing – Restaurant – Retailing – Telecom – Technology  


Chief Marketing Capability Strategist

  • Has over 16 years of experience of Sales and Marketing in the Digital Age from Multi-National Company Agencies and Brands.

  • Currently the CEO of Katapult Digital.

  • Former Chief Marketing Officer of L’OREAL, Chief Digital Officer of IPG Mediabrands, Chief Digital & Business Transformation Head of AVON Philippines, Digital Director of ZenithOptimedia Philippines, Digital Marketing Manager of P&G Philippines, Digital Business Platform Leader of P&G Asia; and Head of Sales & Marketing Solutions for YEHEY!

  • First Young Market Master Awardee for Digital Business Building   by Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. in 2017
    2018 Digital Marketer of the Year by CMO