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11th Mansmith Market Masters Conference
11th Mansmith Market Masters Conference--the conference of the year bringing 17 all-star CEOs together to help your marketing teams soar in 2021 and beyond.
16th Young Market Masters Summit
In these challenging times, rising stars of Filipino marketing shine through!

12 young marketing rockstars will be sharing how they led change and innovation for their organizations. Be inspired by their stories live, online at the 16th Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards and Summit: the MARKETING REVOLUTION.
From Cutback to Comeback
From Cutback to Comeback Conference will feature 12 industry speakers to share some tips on seeking balance and preparing for your next move post-covid19. This conference is free for business owners and employees who were displaced by the pandemic, as a public service project of Continuum Academy, Inc. and Mansmith and Fielders, Inc.
Mansmith Brand Summit: New Realities
As we move towards the new normal, here are new realities that can help your brands adapt faster and better.

The 2nd Mansmith Brand Summit features 6 outstanding Mansmith YMMA awardees who will be sharing actual cases and experiences in brand strategy and management.

This is a virtual summit with Q&A with the speakers, to be facilitated by Mansmith CEO, Chiqui Escareal-Go.
Mansmith Marketing Inspirational Festival
With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly changing how and where we work, stories of hope, inspiration, and resilience are especially potent during this time of uncertainty. We are bringing you the Mansmith Marketing Inspiration Festival, a special online feature of 30 inspiring marketers and business leaders sharing how they pivoted and overcame personal and business challenges to turn their lives and careers around.
15th Young Market Masters Summit
The innovative unconference with 6 topics spread over 2 weeks, featuring 11 marketing rock stars — the 15th batch of the Mansmith Young Market Masters Awards.
17th Young Market Masters Awards: Brand Turn-Around Journeys of 8 Marketing Rockstars
The 17th Young Market Masters Summit will feature the journeys of 8 marketing rockstars who turned around their brands with new marketing strategies and lessons we all can learn from.

*Access starts on November 30, 2022
18th Mansmith Young Market Masters Summit: Case Studies of Marketing Strategies
The 18th Young Market Masters Summit will feature marketing cases of our 13 marketing leaders whose experiences offer valuable insights and impactful strategies.