Strategy and Innovation

Strategic Planning: Roadmapping Your Future [INTERMEDIATE]

By : Malu Dy Buncio

Strategic Planning is an essential tool in managing a growing business. It forces a fast moving organization to ‘stand still’ and take stock of the current environment and solidly face the future. At its best, Strategic Planning focuses and unifies an organization. It clarifies management thinking, creates employee understanding, employee buy in and motivation. At its worst, Strategic Planning becomes an annual exercise that employees come to dread and it becomes a useless document that is merely dusted off on an annual basis for formalities sake. Learn from a seasoned business leader (former head of a P11 billion company) how to use the Strategic Planning Process to clarify management thinking, focus the organization as well as motivate and inspire employees

 Each participant will:

  •  Learn to use a successful Strategic Planning Process model that can be immediately applied to their particular business needs

  • Have immediate application of the strategic planning process through case studies during the seminar to ensure proper understanding and utilization when they return to work.

 The company will:

  •  Have a thoughtfully analyzed business environment and will be prepared for future opportunities and threats.

 The moderator will lead the organization through the following:

Module 1: Development of the Plan

  • Developing and/or updating a Corporate Vision

  • Developing and/or updating a Corporate Mission

  • Establish objectives that are specific, measurable and time based

  • Create a fact based Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) Analysis

  • Derive implications from SWOT analysis. This is the key component in this Strategic Plan model

  • Develop broad stroke strategies from implications of SWOT

Module 2: Expanding/developing the Strategies

  •  Techniques/insights to help avoid this pitfall and offer methods for further developing the robustness of the strategies developed during the Strategic Planning Session.

Module 3: Strategic Execution

  • Strategy is execution, execution, execution

  • Real life work life insights on how to ensure thoughtful and systematic execution of the strategies developed.

  •  Insights on cascading the strategic plan to employees not included in the strategic planning process.

At the end of the seminar, participants will have an understanding of the strategic planning process. They will also leave equipped with a framework that will allow them to begin the strategic planning process at their workplace.

Malu Dy Buncio   
Chief Business Development Strategist 

  • She is the Former GM of Avon and has worked worldwide at all levels to develop the company’s performance and leadership

  • She successfully managed Avon Indonesia as the President Director, despite the worst political and economic crisis

  • All through her career, she received awards and citations for her outstanding management which include the 1999 Pathfinder Award for Unleashing Beauty from the Chairman of the Board, Avon Products Inc. In the same year, she received the Asia Pacific Agora Award for Marketing Excellence by Philippine Marketing Association. And back in 1995 she was a Chairman’s Leadership Awardee cited by the Chairman of the Board, Avon Products Inc.

  • She is also co-author of the Mansmith Mentors' List : 8 P's of Marketing